Students to receive discounted rides during dead week


Gerardo Aguilera | @jerry21aguilera, Contributing Writer

To help alleviate the stress of finals, the SGA has announced a new partnership with Lyft, which will offer students discounted rides during dead week.

Lyft will offer these services starting Monday Dec. 2, to Friday Dec. 6. SGA and Lyft do already have a discounted ride deal and that will continue to be in place next semester. 

Using the Promo Code “SGASTUDY” will grant students $3 off for up to 3 rides during dead week. This will facilitate students arriving to their study groups and sessions on campus. 

SGA wants to provide a transportation service so that all students can get on campus efficiently, and as quickly as possible. Dead week is stressful and SGA is here to help students pass their exams by removing any transportation issues and stress that may arise. 

“Our partnership with Lyft was one of Harrison Adams’ most important contributions in his role last year as Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA),” Brooks Payne VPEA for SGA told the Crimson White. “I’ve strived to build on his momentum and expand our partnership to provide safe, accessible transportation options for our students. This is especially helpful during highly trafficked times, such as dead week.”