Dear BDS


Jennafer Bowman | @jennaferbowman, Staff Columnist

Dear Bryant-Denny Stadium, 

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me be surrounded by hundreds of fellow crimson and white-covered students screaming at the top of their lungs. Thank you for displaying the words to Yea! Alabama so people could follow along, and so I could actually know the words instead of just shouting gibberish into the air. Thank you for letting me cheer on the Tide with friends and family, no matter what happens on the field. Thank you for hosting Dixie’s football pride. 

Thank you for giving me something to do all day on Saturdays. Thank you for showing me what 110 degrees Fahrenheit actually feels like and making me appreciate the shade. Thank you for having giant metal fans that help as long as no one stands directly in front of them. Thank you for giving me a mile hike to the upper bowl student section. Thank you for making me learn how to hunt down seats. Thank you for making me wait in the security line for 30 minutes only to not find a seat, but also, thank you for sometimes having the security line be non-existent and there being entire sections empty. 

Thank you for your overpriced drinks and food, allowing me to use my laundry money for a soft pretzel and $4 bottle of water. Thank you for making me walk halfway across the stadium to find a free water station already surrounded by 20 fellow fans. Thank you for having agonizingly long lines for just about everything. Thank you for making time not exist because we’re watching the game.

Thank you for enhancing my Instagram feed. Thank you for giving me an excuse to dress up nice. Thank you for melting the tops of sandals and ruining shoes. Thank you for giving my friends and I memories that will last a lifetime.  

Thank you for playing Dixieland Delight and watching everyone in the stands feel connected. Thank you for using the big screen and showing embarrassing yet funny dancing from fans. Thank you for letting heroes be honored on your field. Thank you for holding our tears, laughs and screams. Thank you for lighting up in red and white lights, making other college stadiums look inferior.  

Thank you for showcasing the Million Dollar Band and the Crimsonettes, and letting everyone see their hard work and talent. Thank you for giving Big Al a place to excite fans of all ages. Thank you for giving people the chance to express themselves. 

Thank you for letting thousands of tailgaters surround you, even on rainy days. Thank you for giving us the Walk of Champions. Thank you for continuing legacies. Thank you for creating legends. Thank you for showcasing hard work, integrity and dedication, whether it be from the players, coaches or fans.  

Thank you for gathering thousands of people from around the country to cheer on the Tide. Thank you for hosting Alabama Football. Thank you for showing me what school spirit is.  


A Forever Fan