Storm causes damage across campus

Jennie Kushner


Rain wasn’t the only thing falling in Wednesday’s morning downpour.

A tree by the Gorgas House and one in the vicinity of Paty Residence Hall fell due to the weather, according to UA spokeswoman Cathy Andreen.

“The grounds department’s tree crew is already clearing up those trees and other large branches that are down on campus,” Andreen said Wednesday.

Some small new trees were knocked down at the softball complex and will need to be restaked, Andreen said.

Despite the damage, Andreen said she knew of no reported injuries.

The University did not cancel or postpone classes due to the weather, although some students felt some type of precaution should have been taken.

Clayton Holland, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, was caught in the climax of the storm while walking to class from Riverside.

“It was pretty scary. It seemed dangerous,” Holland said. “I had an umbrella and it turned inside out and almost blew away. I looked up in the sky and saw huge sticks of lightening.”

Holland said he checked his phone multiply times for an email from media relations regarding the weather. He was shocked to have not received one.

“Last week we had a tornado, the week before we almost had a tornado,” Holland said. “You would think the University wouldn’t take this weather lightly.”

Sarah Anderson, a junior majoring in fashion retail, was driving to the Student Recreation Center around 9 a.m. Thursday. Although she was planning on working out, the weather postponed it.

“I was scared driving to the Rec center; I could barely see anything in front of me,” Anderson said. “When I got there I saw several students sitting in their cars with their windshield wipers on. The rain and lighting was so bad everyone was scared to get out of the car.”