Rec center parking now open to students daily

Hannah Mask

The University is now allowing anyone with a campus-parking pass to park at the Student Recreation Center on weekdays before 7 p.m., said James Fowler, SGA vice president for external affairs.

Fowler said the change was made due to the high volume of student complaints, and because the parking lot generally was not filled to full capacity during the day.

“We had a team that sat out for an entire week from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., and they counted how many cars were in the lot and kept a tally of every car that came in and every car that left,” Fowler said. “The team discovered that the parking lot was never really full, it also identified peak hours in which the Rec was being used.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen a decrease [in the number of students who visit the Rec], and we think by opening [the parking lot] up, more students will be able to use it throughout the day,” Fowler said.

The SGA will continue conducting research at the Rec this semester.

“The main research we’ll be gathering this semester is a gain in students using the Rec,” Fowler said.

Several students said they’re excited about the new parking rules.

John Mathieu, a senior majoring in advertising, said being able to park at the Rec during the day would help to alleviate his hectic schedule.

“I like to work out during the day because it fits my schedule better, but I don’t have the proper parking permit so I’m forced to wait,” Mathieu said “Now I don’t have to do that, so it’s good news.”

Will Butterworth, a junior majoring in management and information systems, said he’s excited the lot will be open during the day.

“It’s good news for me because I go to the Rec a lot, and it’s always super packed after 6 p.m.,” Butterworth said.

Amy Hill, a junior majoring in music, said she’s always felt the Rec parking lot should be available to students during the day.

“The only building close enough to that lot to be very convenient is the Rec center, so it makes sense to let people going to that building park there,” she said. “People going to work out would probably only park there for 30 minutes to an hour anyway.”

Matt Fawcett, a freshman majoring in hotel management, said he thinks the new parking will be more convenient to students who live on campus and have to take the bus to the Rec.

“The bus system is generally not a hassle unless you get to the bus stop right after it has left,” he said. “But [the new parking is] useful because you can just take your own car and go rather than having to wait for a bus.”