Opinion: Let’s look forward to a clean slate


Darien Pitt, Staff Columnist

Spring breaks, millions of flights and vacations were cancelled within seconds due to the coronavirus. It all seemed to happen so fast; everything changed in a blink of an eye. Many were thrilled to get away during such a stressful time but now that may not happen for months.

For college students, this change meant missing graduation ceremonies, honors celebrations and other important opportunities. In order to finish the semester online, there are many occasions that students have missed, causing students to struggle. Not being able to finish something they’ve worked hard on is devastating. However, with all the chaos in the world, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the coming months if everything slows down. 

If our society practices social distancing, there is hope that our country will be able to return back to normal in no time. As we wait, there are many events to be anticipated, especially on The University of Alabama campus. 

To start, a new semester with a clean slate is always exciting. It’s a thrill to be meeting new teachers, seeing old friends and making new ones always seem to get you going. There will be different classes to take that hopefully won’t be through remote learning. To add to this, it will be fall and we all know what that means: Alabama Football. The joy and rush that one gets when they are under those blaring lights screaming Dixie in Bryant-Denny Stadium is a feeling like no other. I know that with all this loss in the world, it would be nice to see Alabama comeback with a national championship. If I was to say that Alabama football doesn’t connect our campus together I would be lying. Whenever we’re together it seems that all is right in the world and I cannot wait to experience that feeling again.

Additionally, I am looking forward to finally seeing my friends from home and from college. I am so close to my friends that even 24 hours without them feels like I lost a piece of me. Much like many other people, I do everything with my friends. What I am missing right now is going on car rides to random destinations, blasting music and having no cares in the world. 

Finally, I am so excited to be able to travel and reschedule all my previous plans and trips that were cancelled. For me, I am someone who loves to be able to explore new places, so not being able to leave my house and see the outside world is very tricky and hard at times. I am looking forward to leaving my hometown and escaping to a new destination without Coronavirus to think about. 

There is much to think and look forward to as we live through this historic time. My suggestion would be to look ahead and think of the possibilities rather than dwelling on what is going on right now. It will pass and everything will return back to normal soon.