Opinion: Class of 2024, embrace the change


Darien Pitt, Staff Columnist

As I watched the spring semester come to a close, I took a second to look back on an amazing year at the University. There are only a few months left until we welcome the Class of 2024 to the heart of the UA campus. This community is like no other and I am sure that they will succeed past their expectations. As an incoming sophomore, there are some tips and tricks that I feel I wish I read before I got to campus. I am the first member of my family to go to a big SEC school, so I had no idea what I was walking into.

Step out of your comfort zone.

College is a scary experience, and students don’t know what to expect — especially their freshman year. Some students are frightened to go outside of their comfort zone and to be adventurous. Participation in extracurricular activities on campus is a great way to meet new people and experience other opportunities. At The University of Alabama, there are over 800 clubs to join ranging anywhere from outdoor adventures to dog walking and even archery. There is definitely something for everyone to find their place here. I recommend getting involved in activities of your interest, but also trying something new, since you will never know what you might like.

Show up.

College is a very different atmosphere when compared to high school. Many students, including myself, stress that they will have a difficult time in their classes; that their professors won’t care about them and that there is absolutely no point in even attending class. To begin, every class, lecture and lab should be attended. It helps to prevent procrastination and sleeping until 4:00 p.m. The faculty here at The University of Alabama want nothing more than for their students to succeed. Student introductions to teachers can establish a personal relationship, and a connection with peers, faculty and even TAs make a better student overall. For students who ever need help with any homework, classwork or just want to talk, I suggest taking advantage of the professors’ office hours. They are there for a reason and once again want nothing more than for their students then to succeed. 

Get involved in the community.

Finally, I wish I was told to just explore the campus in general. With a typical day to day schedule, students tend to find themselves going to the same couple of buildings and classrooms every week. Exploring and finding cool places on campus is a great way to learn the way around. I’ve found many interesting nooks and crannies to study or to even just hang out. You would be pleasantly surprised by how many different settings there are to discover. 

We experienced many highs and lows here on our campus, but we are a community like no other. It is important to take advantage of everything our college has to offer. I hope that the incoming freshmen experience nothing but great opportunities all around. These experiences have opened new doors for me and have shown me that it is okay to go out of my comfort zone. I wish these new students success and hope that they love this campus just as much as I do.