Athletes—their housing is just like ours


CW / Tomia Teague

Cierra Loomis, Contributing Writer

For student athletes at The University of Alabama, there are an array of on-campus housing options to choose from. Ranging from Paul W. Bryant Hall to Burke Hall, athletes can be found living alongside regular students or with teammates.

Presidential Village

Presidential I and II are two of the more popular seven-floor suite-style halls for both athletes and regular students to live in for a variety of reasons. With the cost ranging from $4,500 to $4,900 depending on how many roommates someone has, each dorm room offers a bedroom for each resident, an extra-large twin-size bed, a private bathroom, a full-size refrigerator and microwave, a community kitchen and a game room.

According to former member of the rowing team Mandie Wright, many athletes live in Presidential for their freshman year, but since rowing relies heavily on walk-on talent, “freshmen were the ones who lived on campus and seemed really scattered.”

Since the location of Presidential Village is on the north side of campus, towards the heart of the University, it’s close to popular Bama Dining options on that side of campus, including the likes of Lakeside Dining, Presidential Terrace and Lakeside Market. The rowing boathouse, Robert E. Witt Student Activities Center and buses to take athletes and students to the other side of campus are almost right outside their front door.

“The dorm was like right by Jack Warner, [the] river, and the storm shelter where we practiced, so it was super convenient,” Wright said. “It has a beautiful view and felt a little secluded. I also loved my roommates. It was really cool that my roommate Steph[anie Slaven] and I were on the team, and then Madison [Wollenzier] moved in, so all three of us would head to practice.”

Mary Burke Hall

Mary Burke Hall, which houses female students in the west wing and both men and women in the east wing, is a traditional-style four-floor residence hall that offers single and double rooms for $2,950 and $3,350. The major perks of living in Burke include Burke Dining and Mary B’s Market, two places to grab a bite to eat on the first floor of the building.

A standard twin bed, shared 10-drawer dresser, double door mirror, community bathroom and kitchen, combination microwave and refrigerator in each room and large game room is what makes Burke Hall special. This residence hall, just a short walk from Bryant Drive, sits especially close to southern campus conveniences, like Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility, Foster Auditorium, Coleman Coliseum and other resources for athletes. 

Paul W. Bryant Hall

Paul W. Bryant Hall – arguably one of the nicest four floor residential halls on campus – houses male athletes and engineering students. Priced anywhere from $4,900 to $5,300, students and most athletes have these rooms paid for by their athletic scholarships.

Almost everything is decorated with the signature Alabama script-A, and residents living in the dorm have their own bedrooms, an extra-large full-size bed, a stand up shower with sliding door, first floor lounge, second floor television room and a game room. For dining options, Stewart’s Corner in Lloyd Hall offers nearby daytime dining options and the bus stop outside the hall makes other dining places accessible.

Also on the southern end of campus, Bryant Hall is near the main recreational center on campus and Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility which makes it ideal for male student-athletes.

“I think I had a good experience living on campus,” Wright said. “It’s exciting as a freshman, but it comes with a lot of challenges.”