SGA Plans Bama Laundry For Fall

Katherine Martin

The Student Government Association will begin the Bama Laundry initiative starting in the fall for UA students, faculty and staff, David Wilson, vice president for student affairs, said.

Bama Laundry will offer two types of services: bundled service and campus cleaners. The bundled service is paid upfront, based on a weekly weight. Campus cleaners is an item-by-item service. Each student will receive one bag for each service type, a press release stated.

The University has been working with Bama Laundry for nearly two years in an ongoing effort to get the initiative started, Wilson said. This year, the initiative got a big push from the SGA.

“We are excited to work with Bama Laundry this upcoming school year,” said DJ Jackson, assistant vice president for student affairs. “This is a service that every student can use that has the potential to vastly improve the quality of student life.”

No SGA or University funds have been used to fund the Bama Laundry program, the release stated. SGA will receive five percent of the gross revenue that will be put in the SGA scholarship endowment fund.

“One of the great things about Bama Laundry is that it also serves as a fundraiser for student scholarships,” Wilson said. “Bama Laundry provides students with a fair-priced laundry service while also putting a share of the money toward student scholarships.”

Nathan Watkins, a representative from University Laundry Services, said Bama Laundry and Campus Cleaners ensure energy and time efficiency.

“Expansion plans include regularly scheduled stops at greek housing, special services for departmental needs and assistance with a rental program for professional wear,” Watkins said.