Musicians to play acoustic night

Andrew Hester

Musicians Jil Chambless, Scooter Muse and Dylan Sneed will be playing an acoustic music night in the Greensboro Room at the Bama Theatre tonight at 7 p.m.

Chambless and Muse are both members of the band Henri’s Notions, who have previously played at Innisfree Bar and will go on to perform at the Savannah Irish Fest in Savannah, Ga., this weekend. Even though the two are part of the band, the acoustic night is what Chambless said is the first step to bringing a great CD to the public. The two are featuring their solo careers during the evening.

“It’s nice to be able to hear live music before getting a good night’s sleep before work,” said Chambless.

Chambless is an artist of the Celtic, Scottish, Irish and American Folk genres. The show is at an earlier time as most shows at bars in Tuscaloosa start later in the night.

“It is such a rare event to have this kind of music event held at such a reasonable hour without loud music or smoke,” said Chambless.

“I’m proud to be associated with someone I see as one of the best in Celtic music,” Muse said.

He also spoke about the Bama Theatre’s setting. “It’s another thing to experience live music than listening to public radio…there is another way of hearing and seeing it together,” Muse said.

“It’s cool to see artists doing more acoustic sets because the music scene is heading in the direction of a more natural sound and it is at a high demand,” said Adriene LaPorte, a junior majoring in public relations. “Especially in a college town…the acoustic night should do well with the classic setting that the Bama Theatre brings.”

Some agree that acoustic shows are becoming more popular in the music scene, especially with musicians in the Tuscaloosa community.

“Artists need that support to perform in a live setting… it will keep them coming out to do what they love to do,” Muse said. He also said he hoped it turned out well because maybe and hopefully there would be more acoustic nights to come.

Sneed is performing along with Chambless and Muse. Unlike Chambless and Muse, who are from Alabama, Sneed is from South Carolina.

To learn more about Jil Chambless, visit or To learn more about Dylan Sneed, visit

For more information about the event, call 205-758-5195. There will be a $5 cover, and there will also be a full-service cash bar available.