Carter ineligible for the season

Laura Owens

Head coach Nick Saban gave what he believes to be the final word on the situation with transfer wide receiver Duron Carter for this season.

“As of right now, he has to be here a year in residence before he’s eligible, so he’ll still have two years to play after that, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like he will be eligible for this season,” Saban said.

Saban mentioned there was one piece of information they hadn’t received and may never receive but did not elaborate further.


Game plan

Saban said the team’s intangibles, such as moral character, have been strong this year, but though they’ve been consistent in the way they’ve competed, they still need to work on consistency in execution.

“More faith, trust and confidence in doing things the right way – that will help you have success,” Saban said. “I think that comes from knowledge and experience at some positions, and I think other players just need to be more focused on what they have to do to be successful and understand the importance of doing things the right way.”

Linebacker Alex Watkins said the defense will be okay if it minds its p’s and q’s.

“We’ve got to adjust to the right calls and stuff, and then we’ll play the game plan,” he said. “If we play the game plan, we should be successful.”

Tight end Brad Smelley is currently second on the team in receptions, with seven receptions for 72 yards. He said he hopes he continues to get the ball thrown to him.


Arkansas not just an offensive team

Saban said in past years, Arkansas has been more of an offensive team, but this season they are more well-rounded.

“This is a good team all the way around,” he said. “There was a time when they were pretty good on offense, struggled a little on defense. Each year, they’ve gotten progressively better on both sides, and I think they’re a very good team this year.”

Smelley said one thing about their defense is the level of experience.

“Experience is their biggest thing,” he said. “They’ve got a lot of guys that have been there before. They’re a good bunch of guys. Every SEC defense we’re going to go against is going to be a challenge, so we’re ready for that challenge.”


Off the field hobbies

Watkins graduated last December with a degree in health studies and is currently working on another degree in socio-education, looking towards maybe coaching or teaching. But outside of school, he said he loves to cook.

His specialties include gumbo and lasagna. He gets the skill from his parents.

“My mom’s a very creative person; my dad likes to throw things together,” he said.

Watkins named a few other players that can cook and grill, such as defensive linemen Josh Chapman and Damion Square.