Josh’s View | Demi Lovato to reclaim her voice in upcoming docu-series

The series will take fans through the tumultuous life and career of the former Disney star-turned-pop icon. Here’s to shedding some tears.

Joshua LeBerte, Contributing Writer

“It’s just a little red wine, I’ll be fine,” Demi Lovato sang.

That’s how the teaser trailer for Demi Lovato’s upcoming multi-part documentary series began. The trailer for the documentary, titled “Dancing With The Devil,” debuted on Feb. 17.

The song, though no more than a first verse and repeating chorus, tells audience members all they need to know for the tone of this spring project.

“I told you I was OK, but I was lying,” she continued. “I was dancing with the devil, out of control.”

In the documentary, Lovato will address her rise to stardom, wavering sobriety and everything in between.

The YouTube Original series will air the first episode of the four-part series on March 23.

Michael D. Ratner will direct the series. Ratner is best known for his production collaborations with Canadian superstar Justin Bieber. He shot Bieber’s “Seasons” television series documentary and “Next Chapter” short in 2020.

What the series appears to touch the most on is Lovato’s nearly-fatal heroin overdose in 2018. The event, which occurred in her Hollywood Hills home, made headlines across multiple news sites in July and August of that year.

“She should be dead,” Los Angeles actor, Matthew Scott Montgomery, said in a teased interview statement.

He and other friends of Lovato will be sprinkled throughout the series in intimate interviewed conversations about the singer and related events. Among the notable figures are Lovato’s parents and multi-platinum recording artist, Elton John.

Aside from interviews, the series will feature home recordings of the child star, news releases and surveillance footage related to the incident.

If the footage and released 9-1-1 call didn’t wreck you, then the long-term consequences Lovato had to face most certainly will.

“I had three strokes,” she said in the trailer. “I had a heart attack. My doctors said that I had five or ten more minutes [left to live].”

Though the series seems desolate, it has a positive twist that could leave fans reassured.

The series and trailer spoke to an age-old testament: time heals all wounds.

“Now more than ever, she has taken hold of that power,” singer Christina Aguilera said in her interview.

Nevertheless, Lovato learned to persevere and triumph past and present struggles. She even held a butterfly in her palm to symbolize the renewed change and confidence in her spirit.

“I’m rebirthing, I’m starting over,” she said.

To further illustrate her rebirth, she hooks viewers with a climactic makeover and a new hairdo.

Lovato first released information about the series on her Instagram and Twitter in mid-January of this year.

On an Instagram post, Lovato said, “I’m not done yet. ‘Dancing With The Devil’ has been selected as the headlining opening night film at South by Southwest.” South by Southwest is a music and film festival that was founded in Austin, Texas in 1987.

Due to the extremities of the coronavirus pandemic, the festival will take place online this year. The series will play for conference attendees on March 16.

Of course, viewers who choose not to attend will have their chance to see the film one week later.

Fans and friends of the artist took to Instagram after Lovato posted information on the trailer.

Singer Halsey commended Lovato on her bravery for being so open on such a private issue.

“Warrior,” she said along with a spam of bicep emojis.

Noah Cyrus echoed a similar remark on Lovato’s strength.

“I have never been so proud of someone,” she said. “Love you, Miss Lovato.”

And “Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale said the trailer simply left her “speechless.”

Joshua LeBerte is a sophomore studying news media. His column, “Josh’s View,” covers national pop culture items and runs regularly.