Data | How Maddox, Fortenberry and Houston split $175k in PAC money

A third of Houston’s PAC funds came from a single donation.

Zach Johnson | @ZachJohnsonCW, Assistant News Editor

Campaign finance reports for Tuscaloosa’s three mayoral candidates show $125,000 of political action committee (PAC) and business donations since the beginning of the campaign. 

Martin Houston received $75,000, accounting for 60% of PAC and business donations among the three candidates, followed by Walt Maddox and then Serena Fortenberry. Houston received the largest donation from a single PAC: BIZPAC’s contribution throughout his campaign account for about a third of his PAC funds. 

Maddox received $44,000 from 19 different groups, while four organizations collectively donated $5,500 to Fortenberry.  

Final reporting period 

Since Feb. 8, the most recent reporting period, the three candidates have accepted about $50,000 from PACs and businesses. 

Incumbent Walt Maddox has accepted $20,000 in PAC and business contributions in recent weeks. Half of Maddox’s PAC and business contributions came from one donation: a $10,000 donation from the Tuscaloosa Fire Fighters Public Relation Fund. Another major donor is BAR Enterprises, Inc., which is registered to the same address as Innisfree Pub. 

Pastor and former Crimson Tide football player Martin Houston outraised Maddox in the final reporting period with $27,000 in PAC and business contributions since Feb. 8. Major donors include Trident Investment LLC, BIZPAC, and CRA PAC. Houston’s largest donor is GRC LLC, which gave the candidate $5,000. GRC LLC is registered to the same address as Rounders.

UA English professor Serena Fortenberry has received about $2,500, most of which came from BIZPAC. The other $500 was donated by McWhirter Holdings, LLC, which is registered to the same address as Egan’s Bar. 

Overall, more than $225,000 has been donated  to candidates since January. Of that total, roughly half came from itemized business or PAC contributions. $14,649 in donations were received in-kind. Houston received $14,627 in in-kind contributions, while Fortenberry received $22. Maddox recorded no in-kind contributions.