Analysis | Everything we can figure out about the new Lady Gaga-Adam Driver movie

Movies have a way of bringing people together. Who knew this time it would be little monsters and the “Star Wars” fandom?


Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Joshua LeBerte, Contributing Writer

Step aside, Bradley Cooper. A new leading man will soon grace the silver screen alongside Lady Gaga: “Star Wars” alumni Adam Driver. 

Driver and Gaga have broken the internet with a series of paparazzi and social media posts from March 9 to March 12 while on the set of their upcoming movie, “House of Gucci.”

The first image, released by Gaga over Twitter and Instagram, is the film’s first look image. It features the two nestled close below the pillowy mountains of Gressoney, Italy. Driver is dressed comfortably in his eggshell sweater and ski pants. Gaga has on a faux fur hat and is glowing in gold jewelry.

Gaga captioned the image “Signore e Signora Gucci,” a tribute to the real-life “Mr. and Mrs. Gucci” Driver and Gaga will portray on screen. The photo currently sits on Gaga’s Instagram with more than 4 million likes.

Though the pictures are nice and cutesy, the film, which will be released in American theaters on Nov. 24, will be far from bubbly. 

The film, directed by Ridley Scott, is based on the novel “The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour and Greed” by Sara Forden.

It will follow the aftermath of Patrizia Reggiani, a socialite and fashion personality, who in the mid-1990s hired a hitman to shoot and kill her husband, Maurizio Gucci. Reggiani would be convicted in 1998 and sentenced to nearly 30 years behind bars. Her sentence would later be lowered, and in 2016 she would be released after only serving for 16 years. 

Who knew the pair could make a movie about murder and conspiracy seem so lighthearted and cute?

Fans took note of their chemistry and began to have some fun of their own. 

Some were quick to photoshop the more intimate shot for some lighthearted fun. My favorite has to be the one featuring former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. It’s simply meme upon meme upon meme. 

Three days later, another pic of the two reached Twitter’s trending page.

In the photo, Driver is receiving a pastry by Gaga with a gaping mouth and yes, she did help him wipe away the crumbs. Gaga trades in her dazzling wintry look for a sensual and earthy polka-dotted dress while Driver suits up for a more formal style. The two also moved shooting locations from Gressoney to Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

Ah, the internet. It always brings us photos we never thought we needed until we finally see them for the first time. And these weren’t even the only photos keeping fans satisfied. 

Outside of the photo from Gaga on March 9 and the released image on March 12, fan accounts for both Gaga and Driver have leaked photos of the pair. With the help of those clues, we can track their journey as production continues.

On March 8, the Lady Gaga fan account Gaga Images tweeted images of Driver skiing down the slopes of Gressoney days before. This ties into Driver’s attire in his candid portrait with Gaga.

The duo were later seen together at the bottom of the slopes.

A day later, Gaga would release her own photo, but not before the same source released a photo of Gaga too, this time in her own ski attire from earlier that day. Her red puffer suit is made all the better with a black and gold belt that cinches at the waist. It’s giving very Britney Spears “Oops!… I Did It Again,” vibes.

From there, Gaga and Driver can be seen in Milan as early as March 10, two days before the meme-worthy image of Driver would grace Vanity Fair and Marie Claire. Due to their transformed appearances, with Driver and Gaga both having longer, swept bangs, I sense there is some shift in time for the plot of the film. Could they be shooting in reverse, with this sequence in Milan occurring earlier in the film than the scenes in Gressoney?

No matter the plot, it still feels good to see the two at work. 

More recently, others have joined in on the fun. Actor Jared Leto arrived in Milan to shoot for the film as well, as reported by the same fan account on March 12.

Including Gaga, Driver and Leto, the film has a cast of enormous stars, with appearances from “Scarface” legend Al Pacino and “The Lion King” singer and actor Jeremy Irons.

“House of Gucci” has yet to receive an official trailer, but rest assured that Twitter will let you know as soon as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer gives us our next sneak peek.

Joshua LeBerte is a sophomore studying news media. His column covers national pop culture items and runs regularly.