Bama Blitz fundraising effort begins Monday

The annual campaign brought in millions last year.


Zach Johnson | @ZachJohnsonCW, Assistant News Editor

Bama Blitz, a university fundraising event that supports several student and university projects, kicks off next Monday and ends on Thursday. 

The fundraising drive is an annual event to help fund initiatives across the University. Some projects include funding a new MindKare Mental Health Kiosk, providing livestreaming hardware for University Libraries or contributing to the Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund for student athletes.

Last year, Bama Blitz raised more than $2.15 million

One project, the Capstone College of Nursing Student Balance Relief Fund, has been featured by UA News. 

“Bama Blitz gives us an opportunity to highlight an area of concern we have recognized for some of our students,” Rebekah Welch, director and registrar for the nursing college’s Office of Nursing Student Services, told UA News. “To know that your donation led to the ability for our students to graduate from our program is truly worth its weight in gold.”

A full list of projects can be found on the Bama Blitz website.

Students may also sign up to be ambassadors for a project, which enables them to campaign for their selected project and provides analytics on those campaigns. 

Contributions to Bama Blitz are tax-deductible and are eligible for employer matching as well.