Sella-Granata Art Gallery presents UA graduate student work


Courtesy of Sella-Granata Art Gallery

Some highlights of the Sella-Granata Art Gallery.

Aric Huffman, Contributing Writer

The UA Department of Art and Art History provides a peek into graduate students’ work with the annual Studio Graduate Student Show, hosted this fall by assistant professor Jamey Grimes. 

The show introduces new graduate students to the campus and art community and allows current students to show off their latest work.

Sandra Vega, a graduate student studying printmaking, is featuring her piece “Untitled” at the show.

“It’s almost like an icebreaker for the grad students,” Vega said. “We get to learn about the new students, and they get to learn about us, etc.”

Vega said the show has a unique way of bringing the department together since “rarely do the concentrations get the opportunity to show and share a space like that.” The gallery features paintings, sculptures, ceramics and more. 

The show features 14 students and 26 pieces, spanning genres, styles and themes, all ranging from the overtly political to the purely abstract. 

Vega said the show highlights the students’ prowess within their crafts. 

“Every year, we get together one evening, talk about what we have, and organize the show so we can give the student body a glimpse of what the art department is working on,” Vega said.

More information can be found on the event’s website along with an online album from the showing, which lists the artists and their associated pieces.