#Adulting: Students learn about off-campus housing

Jagger Morgan, Contributing Writer

#Adulting, a virtual speaker series created by the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness, will host Amanda Collins-Simms, the University’s coordinator of off-campus housing, to discuss off-campus housing for students this Wednesday, Oct. 20, via Zoom.

Charlotte Petonic, the assistant director of the University’s Department of Health Promotion and Wellness, started the #Adulting series about four years ago after discussions with colleagues. 

“I was just talking with some friends and colleagues from across the division and we were like, you know, students just don’t know what they don’t know,” Petonic said. “They need some life skills so that they can be successful when they leave.”

The inspiration for the name came when Petonic started noticing the #Adulting trend online, with students showing their pride in accomplishing something adultlike. From doing laundry to setting up a doctor’s appointment, the series shows students how to garner the agency needed to foster their own independence. 

This week, Collin-Simms will discuss how to find adequate off-campus housing, what leasing processes are like and how to advocate for oneself as a tenant. 

There will be eye-catching amenity-filled complexes for students to choose from, but Petonic said the first priority should be safety, followed by affordability. 

She said students don’t have to feel pressured to sign a lease immediately. With the barrage of emails and advertising that tell students that they need to hurry up and reserve their spot, Petonic wants students to realize they still have time and there’s no need to rush into a legally binding contract. 

“Just being aware that you have options and knowing that you don’t have to feel pressure to sign right now are both important points,” Petonic said. 

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