Q&A with the new president of Crimson Chaos

Austin Hannon, Staff Reporter

Seven months ago, students and Alabama fans nationwide were hurting. Alabama superfan and Crimson Chaos president Luke Ratliff had just passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

“Fluff,” or “Fluffopotamus,” as he was known to many, was an avid Alabama basketball fan and the face of the student section at Coleman Coliseum. As president of Crimson Chaos, the official student group of Alabama Athletics, Ratliff campaigned for more students and Alabama fans to attend basketball games. 

Ratliff will live on in Coleman Coliseum, with a plaque on his seat dedicated in his honor, as well as the passing on of a plaid jacket, which he made famous.

Blake Bullock, who was named president of Crimson Chaos at the first game of the season against Louisiana Tech, took the time to answer some questions about himself.

Where are you from? What is your major?

“I’m a senior from Helena, Alabama, majoring in marketing.”

What led you to The University of Alabama?

“I’ve been a Bama fan my whole life, growing up an hour away. It’s the only place I applied to and the only school I was ever going to go to.”

What was your connection to Ratliff?

“I met Luke at basketball my freshman year, and we became really good friends. We traveled to Indianapolis together last year and would hang out and go to pretty much every sport with a bunch of our other friends.”

Why did you join Crimson Chaos?

“I joined because I’m a big fan of every sport here at the University and am super passionate about creating a difficult environment for our opponents and supporting our teams.”

What was your favorite moment with Ratliff?

“My favorite memory with Luke is probably from Indianapolis this past year, sitting waiting to find out what time we would play in the Round of 32. We ended up having to play at like 8:45 local time, and we still drove home that night. But sitting in the room the night before freaking out about how to get home is probably my favorite memory.”

What impact did Ratliff have on this university as well as the athletic department?

“Luke was super energetic and passionate about the University, and he had a way of making everyone in the student section get loud and get behind the team really well; the section and the teams even fed off his energy.”

What are your goals for the student section moving forward?

“I just hope to fill his shoes the best I can, keep it packed out, and keep it loud.”

What is your outlook for the basketball team this year?

“I think they’re gonna be really good, and they have a chance to be even better than they were last year. I’m super excited to see what they can do this season.”

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