Bama Dining turns up the heat in ‘Mystery Basket Cooking Class’

Corrie Wilson, Contributing Writer

While students juggle responsibilities, cooking often falls by the wayside, leaving students lacking in the nutrition department. Bama Dining’s own Crimson Kitchen aims to equip students with skills to thrive by offering informative cooking classes.

The goal of the cooking class is to offer students, faculty, staff members and the Tuscaloosa community the opportunity to learn valuable techniques such as knife skills, working under pressure and ingredient creativity.

Led by a team of professional chefs on staff, participants will have the opportunity to work in groups as they create a delicious meal based on the unique ingredients found in their Mystery Basket, much like a cooking show on Food Network.

The class is designed for all levels of experience, and participants can expect a professional cooking experience. 

For anyone on the fence, Bruce McVeagh, the Bama Dining district manager, said not to be afraid to “get out of your comfort zone and try it out.”

Bama Dining hopes to give participants an inside look at the workings of a commercial kitchen and how they can use that knowledge for everyday cooking at home.

Kristina Patridge, the director of university dining services, said participants can expect a fun environment to experiment with various internationally inspired cuisines. For example, in a previous class, participants made beef Wellington.

For more information about the class and to register, check out the Crimson Kitchen’s website.

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