Rammer Jammer chant is about tradition, not class

Letter to the Editor

The Rammer Jammer chant is one of the great things about going to Alabama football games. We do not say anything personal or to diminish the opposing team. When our football team wins 21-0, we did “just beat the hell out of you.” Should we rather chant, “We just won by a large amount?” Where is the fun in that?

Nothing in the chant is provocative or inappropriate. Chant or no chant, you can’t stop a crazed fan from doing something they’ll regret. Alabama is not the first school to have crazed fans reflect the student body, nor will it be the last.

The Rammer Jammer chant has nothing to do with how others act nor does it reflect our class. The only time I’ve seen our fans act classless was following the loss to LSU this past year and at the Iron Bowl in 2010. We should stay classy, as our program is built so much around it, but the chant is irrelevant to how we, as a student body, present ourselves. The Rammer Jammer chant is a part of Alabama, as are other chants for other schools. That’s college football, and it’s one of the little things about college football that makes it so exciting.


Clay Stone is a junior majoring in special education.