Rammer Jammer an important tradition for Tide football

Letter to the Editor

I applaud Evan Ward for the amount of readers he surely attracted with his headline in Wednesday’s paper. Surely I will not be the only person who will write with retaliation to Ward’s ideas for our beloved Rammer Jammer. My first question is where this guy is from, and my next is whether he understands the tradition of this University?

Regrettably, I do not think many students or alumni will agree with his idea to do away with our celebratory cheer. Yes, we do not cheer our famous words during games anymore, because we wait until we actually beat the hell out of our opponent, then celebrate. You might want to consider what the players and coaches actually think about the cheer without just assuming you know.

We do not have to change tradition because of two obscene fans that most likely never attended the University and both live in the same county as Auburn, surprisingly. In support of the freedom of press, I think it’s great that Evan can write about such things, but he might want to consider transferring to Tennessee or Auburn. Last time I checked, “tradition” is on the pregame video right next to “class.”


Morgan Hopper is a junior majoring in public relations.