The Crimson White

Mark Edmundson asks 'Does Football Matter?'

Maddy Ard

September 21, 2014

Mark Edmundson said he views football as a modern day setting of “The Iliad.” He said there are two types of players: those like Hector and those like Achilles. “Those who have access to their rage often triumph,” Edmunds...

Board of Trustees committees approve new ZTA house, updates to UA Student Handbook

Andy McWhorter, Katie Shephard

September 18, 2014

The UA Board of Trustees Physical Properties Committee unanimously approved a plan to demolish Zeta Tau Alpha and Gamma Phi Beta's sorority houses on Magnolia Drive in order to allow space for ZTA's new 40,000 square foot ho...

Water stations to be provided in Bryant-Denny stadium for Florida game

Deanne Winslett

September 17, 2014

Fans attending this weekend's home football game against the University of Florida will have access to nine watering stations at Bryant-Denny Stadium. There will be five located on the mezzanine level and four located in the up...

Saban confirms commitment to Blake Sims

Nolan Imsande

September 14, 2014

Alabama coach Nick Saban confirmed the Crimson Tide’s commitment to starting quarterback Blake Sims Wednesday evening as the team wrapped up its preparations for its conference opener against Florida on Saturday. “We are going to play...

Lost in the food desert

Lost in the food desert

September 7, 2014

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