The Crimson White

Cultural appropriation: 50 shades of done with y'all's nonsense

Sehar Ezez

November 4, 2015

Another Halloween has come and gone, along with yet another array of offensive costumes. l lack words for grown men who are dressing themselves in bloody hoodies, blackface and carrying Skittles pretending to be Trayvon Martin ...

Progressive activists must become organizers to change campus

A.J. James

September 10, 2015

One of the greatest things about our short time here at the University is that over the course of a matter of years, we have the ability to bring about positive change that can last far past our tenure. However, just like movements an...

We need dynamic optimism to cure disease, not simple acceptance

Rich Robinson

September 1, 2014

One of the greatest promises of the “millennial” generation is our belief in the nearly unlimited potential for curing diseases and disabilities that have been with mankind since Adam. This is a basic but greatly overlooked aspect ...

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