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Bending the arc

Bending the arc

May 3, 2016

The sound of change

Landon Nichols

April 27, 2016

April 27, 2011 is a day that forever changed me. In so many ways, it laid the foundation for the man I’ve become. In so many ways, it defined my entire Capstone experience.Just a second semester freshman, still wet behind th...

The power of yes

Mary Lieb

April 25, 2016

No.It’s just two letters.One syllable.Such a simple word, yet I have the hardest time saying it. And that combination of two letters shouldn’t be daunting, but the thought of a missed opportunity, a missed experience that ...

Bama girl

Harriet Washington

April 22, 2016

It was a cool Saturday evening in late May, when I turned on the television and began looking through channels to find something interesting to watch. I stopped flipping as soon as I came across the ever familiar image of the Qu...

Why I'm careful

Heather Buchanan

April 20, 2016

One week before my move to Tuscaloosa, my mom found out she had cancer. I didn’t truly understand what people mean when they say their world gets flipped upside down until this moment. I spent a good portion of that week ea...

The end of intellect

Sehar Ezez

April 7, 2016

For the past 10 or so months, I have watched my peers and my country slowly disintegrate down to the intellectual level of a 18-month-old toddler throwing a hissy fit because mommy won’t let them have Skittles for dinner. Name-...

Why invest in diversity?

Meghan Dorn

April 5, 2016

The University of Alabama likes being the best. That desire is reflected in the first two sentences on the UA website, “As the state’s flagship university, The University of Alabama family has always focused on being the ...

Sharing stories makes for better professionals

A.J. James

April 4, 2016

“I just want to be able to be outside and not worry about the stench or about all of the pollution that my family is breathing in,” she said. “I’ve known people who have died or gotten cancer from all of the pollution th...

Fight or flight

Angie Bartelt

March 31, 2016

I recently had a meeting with my favorite professor to discuss the D+ I got on her midterm. I had already briefly talked to her about it, cried and then scheduled a meeting.So this morning my heart is racing, and I'm sweaty all over ...

On Hillary Clinton and the silence of her supporters

Cassidy Ellis

March 30, 2016

Full disclosure: I was paid by the Feminist Majority for one month earlier in this semester to campaign for Hillary Clinton in advance of the Alabama primary election.I recently read a Huffington Post article encouraging people who support Hillary Clinton to speak up and become more active on so...

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