The Crimson White

Bentley made right move to remove the flag

Eric Roddy

July 7, 2015

It seems rare, sometimes, for two great things to happen to the state of Alabama in the same week, let alone the same day, but on June 24, we found out that Google planned to pour $600 million into the state in order to turn o...

Confederate flag symbol of culture, not hate

Ben Friedman

November 22, 2010

The Confederate flag (the “southern cross” for clarification, or the battle flag flown by certain soldiers in the Confederate army, though never the official flag of the C.S.A.) has been a controversial topic among UA students fo...

Flag unacceptable in modern South

Tray Smith

November 22, 2010

The idea that the Battle Flag of the Confederacy is simply a symbol of Southern heritage is often promoted to make the use of the flag seem acceptable. It is, in fact, the symbol of a treasonous rebellion against the United St...

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