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UA Law School symposium to discuss community policing

Analiese Gerald

March 29, 2016

WHAT: Redefining Clearly Established Rights after Ferguson: § 1983 Claims and Community Policing from Hope v. Pelzer to Kingsley v. Hendrickson Symposium.There will be several sessions throughout the day featuring guest speake...

Lens on Ferguson

Alyx Chandler

February 25, 2016

A body of a boy remained on the ground for four and a half hours.Adrian Walker, a 25-year-old 
photographer, was driving home from a wedding on Aug. 9, 2014, listening to the radio when the news erupted on the local stations...

A note to white progressives

Kyle Campbell

September 8, 2015

In the wake of the Ferguson riots in the Spring of 2014, over a hundred UA students associated with the Black Lives Matter movement orchestrated a “die-in” in the Ferguson Center, during which they laid down on the floor of...

Professor to lecture on racism

Bailey Shoenberger

March 4, 2015

This past August, the small town of Ferguson, Missouri came to national attention after the controversial shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old named Michael Brown.Tensions increased as protests broke out in Ferguson and across ...

Body cameras hold police officers accountable

Nathan James

December 3, 2014

In the aftermath of Ferguson, our country faces many questions with no clear answers. These questions touch on race relations, the changing nature of our police force, the formative role media plays in some conflicts and other t...

Protest to be held for Brown

Rachel Brown

December 2, 2014

University of Alabama students plan to gather on the first floor of the Ferguson Center Wednesday to protest the decision handed down 
regarding Michael Brown. Michael Brown was an 18-year-old male shot by police officer Dar...

Problem in Ferguson is the lack of empathy

Chisolm Allenlundy

November 30, 2014

It was hardly a shocking outcome, but the minute the Ferguson grand jury announced Darren Wilson wouldn’t be indicted, the racial fissions that have divided America for centuries reasserted themselves with a newfound energy. An...

New evidence doesn't help officer in Brown case

Erynn Williams

October 21, 2014

In recent reports on the Michael Brown case, new evidence of Michael Brown’s blood on Officer Darren Wilson’s uniform as well as in his vehicle have been documented. Popular belief argues that the evidence works in Officer Wilson...

Michael Brown and Joan Rivers offer glimpses into racial status quo

Samaria Johnson

September 14, 2014

Joan Rivers died two Thursdays ago, an event that barely registered as I continued to scroll down my Tumblr dashboard. It was barely mentioned, noted one post that criticized TIME magazine for hailing the late Rivers as a fe...

Thank you, University police department

Leigh Terry

September 2, 2014

Tanks rolling down University Boulevard. Men with automatic weapons and Kevlar vests enforcing curfew outside of Presidential Village. Tear gas raining down on students peaceably gathered on the Quad. All of these seem unim...

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