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Capstone International Center to host Fulbright Day

Mackenzie McClintock

April 16, 2016

What: Fulbright Day The Fulbright Award is given to college seniors in the United States and allows students to study abroad expense-free, courtesy of funding from the government.Fulbright Day at the University will consist of...

Fick uses art to showcase Serbia

Reed OMara

September 4, 2014

The University of Alabama is renowned for the outreach its students perform after their college years, though few can say they find themselves 5,491 miles away in Novi Pazar, Serbia, shortly after graduation.Novi Pazar, a town wi...

Fulbright Award scholars travel abroad to teach, research, study

Brett Dunn

June 17, 2014

Haglaeeh Contreras, Rachel Hunkler and Lauren Marsh are University of Alabama students, but at the moment they are spending time in China, Spain and ?Malaysia, respectively. Contreras, Hunkler and Marsh are three of eight UA stu...

Galbraith awarded third Fulbright scholarship

Alessandra Delrose

June 17, 2014

Do Jews in Poland identify as Polish? That’s the question Marysia Galbraith, professor of anthropology, wants to answer. And to do that, she will travel to Poland in the fall for research and study as a ?Fulbright scholar. “...

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