The Crimson White

Everyone has roots, and it’s about time we started talking about them

Tarif Haque

June 13, 2012

I’m not sure when I realized I was neither white nor black, but it may have been in kindergarten when my friend Max asked me, “What are you?” Six years old, I told him I was “kind of Indian,” which he took as Native Am...

Why is Hollywood scared of a black movie?

Xavier Burgin

January 18, 2012

I have a newfound respect for George Lucas. I’ve always loved the man for his work as a filmmaker. I love Star Wars. I envy the life of Indiana Jones. These are the stories that have captured the hearts of children and adults al...

We must collaborate to move on

Sydney Page

November 21, 2011

By Sydney Page I woke up Saturday morning to see an email from President Witt about yet another racial incident on campus. As I read the email, one question came to mind - when is this hate going to stop? This has been a chaot...

UA investigates fight at Delta Chi fraternity house

Katherine Martin

November 21, 2011

Early Saturday night a fight occurred at the Delta Chi fraternity house between members of the fraternity and three black Alabama A&M University students who were invited to the house by a fraternity member, according to an em...

Change on campus necessary

Erin Hudnall

November 17, 2011

Each day, we students read about, hear about, or see blatantly unfair acts being committed by the University itself and the students who attend it. Students write opinion-driven articles about these acts, organize protests ag...

Operation Not Isolated: The Conversation held Wednesday

Katherine Martin

November 15, 2011

The Social Work Association for Cultural Awareness will hold an open discussion between students, faculty and community members who have opinions or questions about the culture of UA’s campus and the effect of the march held ea...

UA has potential to overcome

Letter to the Editor

October 18, 2011

By Alexander Parks Yet again, faculty, staff and students have to confront a cowardly, bigoted and hateful act that was displayed in public on the campus of The University of Alabama. It seems as if something of this nature (p...

Encourage others to be a part of change

SoRelle Wyckoff

October 17, 2011

Change is in the air. It’s an indescribable sensation. The core of our cultural institutions is being challenged. The United States is undergoing a change. Today marks one month since Occupy Wall Street started. We have hear...

Passive responses are not solutions

Trey Irby

October 13, 2011

We clearly don’t know what to do. In lieu of the recent horrific racist chalking found at Moody Music Building on Tuesday, a tepid email was sent to us by UA President Robert Witt. To no surprise, his email was completely va...

Acceptance necessary for growth

SoRelle Wyckoff

September 26, 2011

There is a lot to say about the strength of tradition and the power of change. The University of Alabama has the vision of both maintaining tradition and creating new precedents. So much of our school is rooted in our past. Our...

Tensions not new at UA

Tensions not new at UA

February 15, 2011

Intolerance a problem in greek system

Michael Patrick

February 10, 2011

Last week, the University of Alabama’s students watched as greek and independent students at Auburn University fought a not-so-unique battle over on-campus fashion. It seems that our neighbor has passed along the torch of ...

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