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Williams viable for Daily Show

Madelyn Schorr

February 23, 2015

Two weeks ago Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving “The Daily Show” later this year. At first, I was hoping it was part of an elaborate plot to ensure some sort of Stewart/Colbert 2016 presidential ticket. But like e...

Student weigh options between cable and streaming services

Alessandra Delrose

January 27, 2015

As technology expands, there are now multiple ways for a person to view their favorite television show or movie. Streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go offer their viewers a monthly payment option to allow the viewe...

Gender education should be discussed, respected in school systems

Mary Catherine Connors

January 13, 2015

A solemn Jeffrey Tambor took the stage Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards. He received his new award for “Best Actor in a TV Series: Musical or Comedy” and offered a sincere message of thanks to the night’s audience...

'Gracepoint' trapped in shadow of predecessor

Noah Cannon

October 6, 2014

Television dramas chronicling the mystery behind a tragic homicide are by no means a recent invention. David Lynch’s 1990 masterpiece “Twin Peaks” turned the identity of Laura Palmer’s killer into a national obsession, ...

Students turn from TiVo to Philo for entertainment needs

Margaret Wilbourne

October 5, 2014

Evolution might be more in Darwin’s sphere of study, but it’s nothing new to the entertainment world. For TV aficionados, options to record favorite shows were born as VCRs, which evolved to Tivo and now to a program call...

'Hemlock Grove' worth seeing

Tori Linville

October 5, 2014

In 2007, Netflix introduced online streaming and someone at a far-off college campus didn’t get any homework done that day. Now everyone is taking time out of their busy schedules to see what Claire is going to do next in “...

Showtime drama sheds light on unresolved issues in the church

Hannah Widener

June 17, 2014

He’s brooding, dark, mysterious and a little bit on the edge of losing it. No, I’m not talking about Edward Cullen, Christian Grey or some other fictional heartthrob of the moment. I’m talking about “Ray Donovan,” the ...

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