The Crimson White

Romance on the road brief but leaves long-lasting memories

Jared Downing

February 14, 2012

I had a little tryst in India. Her name was Alex, one of three German girls on leave from a volunteer stint in the South. The four of us blasted around Rajasthan as fast as we could, spending each night on the bus to the next de...

Personalized Packing: Travel the world like Frodo Baggins

Jared Downing

December 1, 2011

I met a few German hitchhikers in southern Mexico. They were the talk of the hostel, tramping all the way from New York to Patagonia with nothing but backpacks, some clever couch surfing and their charming accents. On my way ou...

Guatemala is the college student’s Costa Rica

Jared Downing

September 22, 2011

Guatemala’s Cahabón River flows down the tiny valley of Semuc Champey like a shotgun slug. The streams from the valley fall into seven cascading pools of turquoise, so still you can hear the monkeys in the forest. While un...

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