The Crimson White

Choose empathy

Madelyn Schorr

December 1, 2015

Empathy is the most important emotion we have. Although it didn't get a character in Pixar's Inside Out, empathy is a worthy emotion that we should express more. Over the past few weeks I've seen people get into arguments about fr...

We Are Done hosts demonstration to promote change on campus

Nick Privitera

November 19, 2015

 This morning, students with the We Are Done organization gathered in protest on campus at the Malone Hood Plaza and then marched to the steps of Gorgas library, where several students spoke at length and the protestors chanted fo...

UPDATED: We Are Done demands equality on campus

Elizabeth Elkin

November 18, 2015

A group calling itself "We Are Done," which, according to its Facebook page, is a coalition of students and faculty concerned about racism and discrimination on campus, has released three demands of the University via its Fa...

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