UA Board of Trustees names female president

The University of Alabama system made history Friday morning by selecting Karen Brooks to serve as the president pro tempore of the Board of Trustees for the next year. Brooks will be the first woman to serve in this position in the Board’s 183-year existence.

Mark Edmundson asks 'Does Football Matter?'

Mark Edmundson said he views football as a modern day setting of “The Iliad.” He said there are two types of players: those like Hector and those like Achilles.


Students decide between PA and MD schools

UA student Tyler Jones may diagnose a condition, prescribe medication or even perform a surgery, but he will do all of this without an M.D. behind his name.

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Cross Country preps for first full meet

Coming off a win over Samford, the University of Alabama cross country team will face off against East Carolina and Marshall at the Asheville Carnival on Sept. 23. 

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Rucker to perform in Tuscaloosa

Grammy award winner Darius Rucker will perform at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater Thursday as part of his True 
Believers tour.

Many know the singer for his country ballads, but others know him as the former frontman of Hootie and the Blowfish, an alternative rock group popular in 
the ‘90s.

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Board of Trustees must engage with UA students

The UA System Board of Trustees met Friday to approve the proposed operating budget for 2015. At that meeting, the Board gave the rubber stamp to numerous construction and demolition projects, including $13,892,375 going toward a loan for the construction of a new Zeta Tau Alpha house and $4,479,944 for the New Academic Classroom project.

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