Defense struggles, shows inconsistency in season opener

Alabama’s defense wasn’t at its best against West Virginia. Between the miscues of the secondary and the defensive line, the Crimson Tide didn’t look like a team that only gave up 28 net yards rushing.

It did look like a defense that gave up 365 yards receiving.

“We just have to get familiar with the game plan, and we just missed on some of the personal packages, but we got the win, so that is all that matters,” junior defensive back Landon Collins said. “We had a game plan coming in, and it didn’t quite work, but in the second half we settled down.”

The Mountaineers’ senior wide receiver Kevin White had a career-high day against Alabama. Since he transferred to West Virginia in January 2013, his high was 130 yards on seven receptions against Baylor last season.

He passed that mark with a 143-yard performance off nine catches Saturday. He had a long 29-yard reception on the first drive of the game and one touchdown.

Alabama had no answer in junior cornerback Bradley Sylve against White.

Business school ranks high in recent surveys

The University of Alabama’s undergraduate and masters accounting program was ranked eighth in the nation by “Public Accounting Report’s” 33rd Annual Professor’s Survey.

Professor treks through jungles, finds new plant species

Dr. John L. Clark has experienced many wonders of the world including; trekking through the Ecuador mud, finding new species of plants almost every day, curating the Herbarium, having a plant named after him and spending time in the Peace Corp.

UA professor studies lack of sleep in students

Scholarly all-nighters and long nights on the Strip may lead to long-term health problems, but work and school are more important to college students, according to a new study.


Academics on the open ocean

The idea of going to school on a massive cruise liner while visiting foreign nations around the world was the fantastical premise of Disney’s “The Suite Life on Deck.” But exactly such an experience is a reality for students participating in the University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea program.

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Higher American drinking age affects night life

Many American teens and young adults spend years eagerly anticipating their 21st birthdays, but by the time young adults in America order their first legal drinks, young adults in other parts of the world have been legally drinking for years.

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The University must provide support for black students, not just words

The University of Alabama generally has its students’ best interests at heart. However, while the University generally invests much in order to ensure the social, academic and personal well-being of its white students, the same cannot quite be said for its black students.

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