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Alternative band Tegan and Sara’s new album ‘Heartthrob’ features touching lyrics, beats

Noelle Brake

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It’s no secret that alternative bands are getting more and more recognized as the music industry expands. One of those bands, Tegan and Sara, is getting more clout with each new song or new bout of activism. When they released their new album, “Heartthrob,” it blew up everywhere, and with good reason. The new album has a very techno-pop feel, with touching lyrics and beats that make the listener want to dance the night away.

The album starts with the first single they released from it titled, “Closer.” The song remains one of their popular ones, with a catchy refrain and lyrics that are easy to follow. The music video is also very funny and touching, and the first video from the album to be shot and released.

The tempo of the album does not change much with the next song, “Goodbye, Goodbye.” The lyrics take on a more lamenting-quality, telling a story of love lost with a partner who just did not understand. The song could be considered a sentimental break up song.

“I Was A Fool” is the next track on the album, and the tempo slows down, with a heavy piano melody. The lyrics continue to take a turn for the more meaningful, and the track would best be compared to a slow-dance prom song, only less awkward.

The following track opens with a nice guitar riff, and a drum beat to die for. “I’m Not Your Hero” is a touching song, giving credit to the underdogs, and telling the audience you don’t have to have super powers to be a hero to someone.

With “Drove Me Wild”, the album turns back to the clubby, group-dance feel that it started with, with a heavy bass sound supplemented with a guitar in the background.

The dance feel slows down, but remains, in “How Come You Don’t Want Me.”

“I Couldn’t Be Your Friend” has a unique sound compared to the rest of the album, with an interesting use of guitar at the beginning, like someone is warping the strings. It is still a very energetic song, but makes the listener pay attention to the lyrics.

The album takes a nice, soft acoustic feel with “Love They Say,” and in my opinion, the second positive love song on the album. The lyrics are very poetic, and very quotable and perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The girls show off their piano skills during the opening of “Now I’m All Messed Up,” the antithesis of the previous song. The piano is supplemented with guitar and a CG techno beat, but each unique sound only adds to the melody of the song.

“Shock To Your System” is the last song on the general release of the album, with an opening that has a very rock feel, but once the song progresses it softens, focusing mainly on the vocals and drums.

The album has a deluxe release as well, with two extra tracks, “Guilty As Charged” and “I Run Empty.” Along with vinyl and jewel case CDs of the album, the website offers deluxe packages of the album, including CDs, posters, magazines and other merchandise. The album is available for download on iTunes, and Don’t forget to check out Tegan And Sara as they open for fun. in September at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater as well.


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Alternative band Tegan and Sara’s new album ‘Heartthrob’ features touching lyrics, beats