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Austin Bigoney

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My ears might bleed if I fall victim to the tunes of Drake’s “The Motto” again, yet the idea of “YOLO” reverberates comfortably for me. There is a reason you see “Carpe Diem” tattooed across limbs and printed on bumper stickers on both Jeeps and Cadillacs alike. Seize the day. You only college once.

You have made the right choice in picking the Capstone. For most of you, you may never have these opportunities you have here again. Drop your Xbox controller and pick up a shaker at the game. You have dirt cheap or free admission to elite athletic events, performing arts and entertainment right outside your door almost nightly.

I was fortunate enough to see more than I can put into words, especially with this column word limit. I was fortunate enough to recognize the void in the college experience I had at my previous school. The decision to transfer is one I will never regret. Over the last two years, I have frequently had access to places I never would have visited otherwise. From experiencing the sidelines of every football game and the innards of Denny Chimes to the Hoole Special Collections and Big Al’s office, I have completed an impressive bucket list. I forever have memories that could fill a stack of scrapbooks.

As much as I was able to see during my adventures as Photo Editor, I realize that I did miss out on something large: your perspective. I could not be involved in the sights and events I was covering. The elation of shouting the words of “Rammer Jammer” after a Saturday night whooping on LSU is an experience I could only photograph. I had duties to meet, and that was a sacrifice I gladly accepted.

That being said, looking through the viewfinder at the opportunities you have made me realize, you all have a chance to make these four years count. Explore, explore, explore and not just at Get on Board Day. Make conversation with those strangers on the stoop playing guitar, or that dude jamming out on the bus, even that lonely kid in the corner of Starbucks. There are a million stories to be told and paying attention will make you richer than the digits of your salary.

Complete your own book. Just as high school flew by, college will as well. Take chances and find out who you are. Don’t be bothered by that friend who studies abroad in exotic [insert country] every year. There is more to see being stuck between Lake Lurleen and Moundville than a European tour guide could ever show you.

Lastly, document your experience. Keep your silly, sloppy gift your big or your summer fling made for you. Keep a journal or a ticket stub from that game we won or lost, even if you didn’t make it to halftime. Don’t let date party candids or that tiny CW photo serve as your only scrapbook filler. Take that selfie and stow it away. For now.

Austin Bigoney was the photo editor of The Crimson White.

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