More like the Ten Cent Band

Football lore has it that, during a game when the Tide wasn’t playing particularly well (pre-John Parker Wilson not playing particularly well), an opposing head coach alluded to our football team not being worth much, but our band being worth a million dollars. Oh, how the times have changed.

I don’t have anything against the men and women who make up a nationally renowned marching band, I just think they can suck at times. Specifically halftimes.

We all get tickled pink when the MDB plays “Rammer Jammer” after a win, or when they take the field for “Yea, Alabama,” before kick off. Just please, for the love of god, don’t do halftime shows anymore.

I’m not sure what the hell you call the formation you guys make during halftime, but it looks like someone took a picture of the lines off Lindsay Lohan’s dining room table after a weekend coke bender.

My head hurts from the countless hours spent each season attempting to figure out if there is truly a point to the band taking the field, or if it’s the world’s most complicated game of follow the leader.

Why can’t you guys just stick to the pre-game field marching? You guys are awesome at that. Sure, it’s not that hard to spell out a four-letter word on a football field, but damnit if you don’t spell it like champions.

When halftime rolls around, my pride in the Tide sinks like a cruise ship rented by Weight Watchers. All you have to do to fix this dilemma is make a formation that is more recognizable to the fans… and less Picasso on crack.

Ohio State’s band does the script O-H-I-O, Texas’s band does that bull thing and Tennessee’s band makes a giant block T because they aren’t smart enough for anything else. Alabama though? We do three-year-old’s finger paintings during halftime while the fans cross their fingers that none of it is being broadcast on television.

Besides the 10 minutes at halftime when the band awkwardly spazzes out on the field, the MDB is awesome. In fact, the band doesn’t even have to change up that thing they do at halftime, just key us in to what exactly it is. Just send out a school wide e-mail telling everyone before next game what exactly that jumble of band members on the field is. If it wasn’t for the halftime debacle every week, the Million Dollar Band would be the best collegiate marching band, outside of the one from “Drumline.”

While we’re having this discussion together about our favorite band, can we also request you stop playing “Basket Case?” I’m not entirely sure what any of Green Day’s songs have to do with football or Alabama, but being a “melodramatic fool” definitely doesn’t belong here at the Capstone.

Dave Folk is a senior majoring in communication studies.


    this is in poor taste…… the university run newspaper runs an article bashing one of the most prominent student organizations on Campus… surely the biggest one at that…. MDB Members stand tall and proud… EVERY BAND IN THE STATE SUPPORTS YOU AND APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YA’LL DO!! I am a proud member of the UAB Marching Band. I wouldn’t do it if i didn’t like it. I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT!! I love the fact we entertain and provide team Spirit!! Keep doing what ya’ll do.. don’t let this TOOL bring morale down..

  • Alexa

    As a Sound of the Magic City, marching Blazer, this really annoys me. Have a little class. When you make UA look bad, you make UAB and UAH look bad as well. I don’t want to be represented that way and I know our sister universities don’t want that either. We DON’T bash our fellow students. Roll Tide MDB! and GO BLAZERS!

  • Mad

    What the hell is this guy thinking! Without a halftime show what would people do for 20-30 minutes? We (marchers) do what we do because we love it, and the fans love it. My family comes to football games more to see us march at halftime and pre-game than to see the game itself. We make these formations that are sometimes unrecognizable even to other marchers to enhance the effect of the music. There can be no marching band without halftime. Halftime is a necessity for the success of marching bands and the entertainment of the fans. Dave, how would you feel if you were in the crowd during halftime and a marching band simply stood in an arch and played music? To me it would be boring as all get out.

  • La

    You are clearly uneducated.

  • Lance

    This is a terrible article.

    As a music educator and former member of the Troy U. “Sound of the South”, I speak for others when I say it was totally uncalled for.

    One should educate themselves on perhaps the evolution of marching bands over the years, et cetera before making such critiques.

    Some of the references to “Scirpt O-H-I-O” and the like are also pre-game traditions. Some bands are more traditional in halftime shows and some are more modern.

  • Jacob

    As if this wasn’t a crap article in the first place, the “Drumline” reference made it even worse. That movie is complete and total garbage, like your writing. Not every marching band formation is going to be some simple little picture that tells a story. If you even paid one shred of attention to the show, you would know that the music translates the point of the show more than the formations ever will. If you need constant visual reminders of what the show is about, then you have the attention span of a goldfish.

  • David

    This article is the rudest one i have ever read. Not only did Dave Folk make himself look awful by penning something like this, but he is making the Crimson White look worse for publishing it. Where’s the editor to review something like this?

  • Whit

    Keep up the good work, MDB! As you can see by the hundreds of supportive comments, the vast majority of Bama fans love you! Thank you for the hard work and dedication you put into making our Saturdays even more wonderful.

  • Ted

    Well, folks, let’s just remember that the author has the right to his opinion. Sure, his opinion is clearly uninformed and shows that he has absolutely no idea what marching band is about or what music is, but he still has the right to it. And yes, we all realize that what the band is doing is exactly what it should be doing, given that that’s what marching band is REALLY about, and yes, we all realize that an article such as this one isn’t worth the pixels that make it up, but nonetheless, that’s just us. All of us.

  • Colin

    Hey retard. The MDB plays Basket Case because the public likes it, the football team isn’t on the field hoping for a pick me up, its just good for the fans. The only thing that really matters for the players and the fan is Rammer Jammer at the end of a game.

  • D B
  • DUH

    I actually wondered the same thing. Most of us haven’t been in band our entire lives, so we don’t understand that you’re trying to do something “artistic.” And, if it’s “all for the fans”, shouldn’t you make it recognizable to the majority of us?

    Also, just because your parents show up for the band more than the football game, doesn’t mean that you’re SO great they’d rather see the band than a national championship team. It means that you’re their child. They probably are saying that just to make you feel good anyway.

    And to the kid that said “Basket Case” is played because the fans like it..HELLO! He is a fan!! Obviously, he doesn’t like it. Neither, do I.

    To whoever posted that youtube link…what does that prove? That everyone loves the band? No, why would they film someone saying how much y’all suck if the point was to say people enjoyed it? And the news isn’t going to say anything rude.

    I’m not saying y’all completely suck. Take it as constructive criticism. Spell something and lose “Basket Case.” Save your “artistic talents” for competitions or whatever y’all do.

  • Chris

    1) The ability to create controversy enhances a journalist’s reputation. Congratulations on helping Dave out, you may have actually secured him a job.

    2) Dave didn’t deface the CW or the school. All the people that forwarded this to all their friends at different schools did. I promise you that there are more terrible things written every day.

    3) It’s an opinions piece. Get over it.

    4) The MDB is kind of boring. I’m not knocking the talent level of the members, just the “plays” called. It would be similar to Nick Saban calling for Greg McElroy to kneel on every play. The talents aren’t being utilized properly.

    5) All of these band member getting all riled up on here, I ask you…why? You say he doesn’t know anything about what you do, so why do you care what he thinks? Everyone sees you sweating every day on the practice field, no need to come and validate your hard work over a newspaper article.

    6) Attacking the writer’s character is kind of hypocritical. I’d be willing to guess most of you don’t know Dave, all your doing is making brash judgments based on what you see in the article. Kind of like the brash judgments that he makes based on what he sees at halftime.

    7) As an Alabama alumni, also with a communications degree, it humors me to see how worked up people get over something like an activity. He didn’t insult your families. Just your club. There’s more to life than the Million Dollar Band.

  • Zac


    I’ll only address your #7. As any member of the MDB will tell you, the MDB is only a giant family. We have a close bond.

    We’ll take this in stride and keep on working.

  • Aaron

    @Chris: I’m less offended at his comments about the MDB than I am that the CW would let this article go to print given how terribly it’s written. Seriously, opinion piece or not, Dave claims to be a journalism major (or was it communications? either way…) and yet the best he can come up with is this drivel? Hell, the initial draft had smilies in it. SMILIES! Where’s the professionalism? Is this the school paper or some high school drop out’s blog? C’mon, man.

  • Patrick

    Dave Folk,

    I am not from Alabama, nor do I know very much about your school’s gameday traditions. As a graduate of another major BCS school however, there is no question that you have disgraced these traditions from my perspective. You have made your school look bad on a national level. Go ahead and cross your fingers that the music and drill selections of the MDB aren’t broadcast on TV. I bet that there are higher ups at your fine university that are crossing their fingers that this article doesn’t reach the national public eye. From a computer over 1,000 miles away, my comments would prove otherwise. What a terrible thing to do and say. You should be ashamed.

  • Supporter

    @ DUH. You are so ignorant. Do you know how man “fans” there are? 101 something thousand. Do you know how hard it would be to please all of them?
    “Competitions or whatever yall do.” That statement alone should tell you that you have no clue whats going on. There aren’t competitions for college bands so therefore I guess our “artistic talents” are just going to be wasted. The MAIN PURPOSE of the MDB is to be a support team for the Tide. They also try to entertain the crowd in the meantime. As for the formations. Not everything has to make a picture, or spell out a word. Some are just formations or geometric shapes. And as you can imagine, with over 400 members you have to be pretty high in the stands to see some of them. As for Basket Case, maybe the band members like playing it. I mean its not all about you, “DUH.” The MDB can’t just cater to indivuals personal music preferences.

    @Chris. You sir are just an ass. I don’t want to even try to argue with you.

    To all MDB Supporters: Thank you. They need our help and support right now in the midst of all these self-appointed “band directors.”

  • Matt

    This guy might have been just trying to inflame people, but he is right. As a former member of a very competitive high school marching band, I know a thing or two about half time shows and putting in 15 hours a week for them. However, unless you do something really spectacular, they are just not that fun to watch.

    Everyone around me in a game is completely oblivious as the half time show goes on. In comparison to the attention everyone gives for several of the videos shown on the mega screens. Simply put, a half-time shows purpose is to entertain, the members of the band are performers, and the traditional half-time show does a poor job of it.

  • Taylor

    I thought this article was very entertaining, and though I know nothing about marching band I agree based solely on what I’ve seen every home game for the last three years. I would say many of the 30,000 students don’t know much about band so we critique based on what we see and I dare anyone to describe it better than “lines off Lindsay Lohan’s dining room table after a weekend coke bender.” I’m sorry but that’s hilarious. Dave Folks opinions were always a highlight of my Fridays. He writes the way he writes for a reason, and he is obviously doing a great job considering over 200 people have commented on it. Keep the opinions coming Mr. Folk.

  • Christy Merrell

    I should really take a few minutes to clear my eyes of the steam that is escaping from around my collar right this moment before I even begin responding to the article above…but I’m not going to. If I did, I’d be more polite and not put the pathetic jerk that wrote it in his place. However, you can be damn sure I intend to write the editor and Dr. Robert E. Whitt, not a threat, just a fact. I can not believe anyone at the University of Alabama would allow someone to write such a degrading article about the Million Dollar Band and then have the audacity to publish it.
    Firstly, to answer one of the questions I read on another comment, no the idiot has never obviously been in marching band. Otherwise he’d know he just slammed more than 430 of his own fellow college students. The band members do not write the script…they do not pick the music…the band director and his associates do, you idiot. And it is unfortunate that you appreciate bands that do things like a simple T on the field…or that you appreciate pre-game where they spell out a simple B A M A. God forbid they put more on the field than you can keep up with. You’re a bright one aren’t you? And you’re a senior? I can tell, you are creative aren’t you? Wow…what talent. Dumbass…
    My daughter is a junior at the university. She is also one of 9 females that is an Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Major, with a minor in Astronomy. And your a communications major? LOL…sorry…that is just funny. Everyone knows how much the media is loved these days. If you like liars that is.
    My daughter has been involved in band since she was in the eighth grade in middle school. I can’t tell you the hours, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into becoming what she is on that field every Saturday during the fall months. Not to mention the cost of such activities. And then some lilttle punk like you thinks you can write things that slam them without cause or reason?
    They spend more hours on that field, learning how to march to a formation someone else thought up, learning to play music someone else picked out, than you do when doing your homework or working your pathetic little communications job/hobby. There is more to talent like that than forming a simple 4 letter word. They are not given the spots on the field, they have to earn them. I think that is just shitty. I don’t give a damn about the freedom of speech. To slam all those students, your fellow students, is a real tackie move. It cracks me up to see anyone call them ‘band geeks’…because those of you standing on the sidelines don’t have the ability to chew gum and walk at the same time, much less stay in formation and play an instrument at the same time. Statistics show that majority of students that participate in band are more likely to go to work directly in their field of study immediately after graduation. Jealousy is an ugly monster…and you are obviously eat up with it. So what do you do on game day, sit in the stands and scream ‘roll tide’. Wow…thats contributing. I bet your Mamma is so proud…

  • Beetlejuice

    Why don’t people understand that just because you practice a lot, it doesn’t mean you’re good?

  • Chris

    @Supporter: Glad you wouldn’t try to argue with me if you resort to simple insults such as “You sir, are just an ass.” I simply gave my perspective. Not sure how that makes me “an ass.” Is it simply because I disagree with you? IF that’s the case, then you really need to adjust your view of life.

  • DUH

    I can’t believe someone wrote that they call you the million dollar band for a reason. A million dollars isn’t worth much these days and the band isn’t either.

  • this is stupid

    the band is good. who gives a crap what they play. they are there to entertain, if you dont want to be entertained by them, talk to the drunk sorority girl sitting beside you.

  • Lynn Vines

    It really disappoints me to read this article. I always thought that alumni support alumni. There is supposed to be a bond between students that attend a school. The author of this article should be ashamed of himself for bashing his fellow UA students. What happened to loyalty? As Christy said, the students that are out there working hard to entertain did not pick the show. They have just worked hard to perform it. I don’t know if the author realizes how much students sitting in high school bands look up to the members of the MDB. They look forward their whole high school years to wearing that uniform and playing basket case at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Yes, I am a band parent. Yes, I love the band. I would really like to hear what the editor of this newspaper thinks of this article. If they agree with this type of fellow student bashing, they should resign their position immediately. It so unprofessional and just down right mean. And like this is stupid put it, if you don’t enjoy the show, talk to the drunk sitting next to you that is really contributing to the classiness of the university.

  • Boomer

    Just out of curiosity, have you seen how hard your band rehearses? I’m at OU, and we work our butts off in the band, and I’m sure the MDB does the same. Give them the respect that they deserve, which is certainly more than was given in this article. It takes more work than one would think to but any halftime show on the field, no matter what you may think of it.

    Oh, and sometimes, the formations on the field aren’t supposed to look like anything, except curves, lines, blocks, and, yes, even big games of follow the leader.

  • Josh

    If you are going to criticize something, make sure you know what you are talking about.

  • George Leroy Tirebiter

    “4) The MDB is kind of boring. I’m not knocking the talent level of the members, just the “plays” called. It would be similar to Nick Saban calling for Greg McElroy to kneel on every play. The talents aren’t being utilized properly.”
    If the band’s like a football player, and the football player isn’t playing, then for the analogy to be true the band would have to not be playing…. but they are. No, it’s nothing like the situation you described. That was a dumb thing to say.

    “6) Attacking the writer’s character is kind of hypocritical. I’d be willing to guess most of you don’t know Dave, all your doing is making brash judgments based on what you see in the article. Kind of like the brash judgments that he makes based on what he sees at halftime.”
    We’re making judgments on his character based on his opinions, ignorance, vernacular, vocabulary, writing style, and attitude. There’s plenty in the column to give any reader a good guess what a tool this guy is. Dave however used incorrect information and faulty logic for his analysis. So no, it’s not hypocritical.

    Dave Folk’s comparisons were false enough. We don’t need you to add in more.

  • Erica

    While I do believe some things he said were wrong and disrespectful, I do have to agree with him on some things. The MDB have excellent musicians but sometimes their halftime show can get a little boring. OK their formations are pretty but their music choices aren’t so good. Formations can only go so far. I do believe there are other HBCU bands that are better than the MDB but as far as an all white university, I do believe they are the best. I have to amitt I wish they wouldn’t play during the games because they play the same songs over and over. They need more diverse songs. Coming from a high school with 350+ band members, I can say that our band can give the MDB some trouble, formation and music included. But overall I think they are a great band.

  • Erica

    I don’t understand why he compared the MDB to drumline. They are two completely different types of bands. They play different types of music and they march different as well. (Drumline was not a real band). However I do believe there are other bands that are better than the MDB. But they are STILL A GREAT BAND…..

  • Cindy

    Enough is enough!!!! We all have opinions….we all have likes and dislikes. I personally think the band is fabulous and does a fantastic job. If one does not like the halftime show, no one is going to die from it. It is what it is. Either you like what is played or you don’t. Marching bands around the country have their way of doing things and their own style. No two marching bands are the same and cannot be compared. I have been a fan of the MDB for over 20 years. They have played everything from classical to latin to rock and roll to pop etc. Whatever has been asked of them, they have performed it well. This is not the case for MANY marching bands around the country. Most are not that diverse.
    We have become a society that thinks just because we are not moved to complete excitement or tears everytime something happens that the product is no good. That is false. If I am not moved to excitement or tears, I do not think the product is horrible….it just means that it may not be my taste. It is kind of like the radio…..if you don’t like what is being played on a particular channel then don’t listen. Just because you don’t like it and do not listen does not mean that everyone feels the same. Secondly, it does not mean that the artist of the song is horrible. Now with that being said, in order to choose halftime shows, one must think how the song will translate to their marching band first. In most cases, the latest hip hop and pop songs do not sound all that awesome coming from marching bands-no matter who plays it. Sometimes people choose popularity over quality and that’s okay, but sometimes people choose quality. Again, neither is incorrect. It boils down to taste. Not everyone can be pleased, but just because one is not pleased does not give anyone the right to totally be critical of an activity they really know nothing about. Hats off to the MDB (students, staff, and directors) for always doing your best, working so hard, and handling any situation with class.

  • Blitzace

    hahahahahaha. why on earth CW let this get put out there is beyond me, unless they agree with it of course. although i am not, nor will i ever be a supporter of the MDB, i do think whoever wrote this is an idiot. come on, spelling out stuff during halftime? unimaginative, uncreative and boring programs do crap like that. I would like to think that a program that has been around for almost 100 years would do better then that, despite what musically ignorant people may want. guess what, halftime is just as much for the individuals performing it as it is the crowd.
    do i enjoy hearing basket case…. well ever, much less from MDB? absoutly not. however, when you go see the southerners, will you hear them sing “Ill fly away” and play salvation and stars? of course. why? because its what they do. some people may get tired of it after a while, but it means something to the organization so they do it. same with this.
    i would love to comment on the rest of this kids rambling, but the constant use of similies and metaphores are about as boring as hes trying to make their halftime show look. before u bash someone elses form of art, you should probabally learn ur art better, k? thnx.

  • Redskywaymusic

    This just goes to show the IQ level of one Mr Folk. The members that make up the Million Dollar Band are not only the best of the best young musician’s, they are also among the brightest of students on an academic level as well. It is easy to understand why they are called the Million Dollar Band. Each member of the MDB is chosen very carefully and they work hard to earn there place of membership. I wonder just how much more of a positive person Mr Folk might be if he had the talent and intellect that the members of the MDB possess?
    Those qualities Mr Folk are priceless. The MDB has over four hundred members and in my opinion each and every one of them are worth a million.
    I am so proud of them each and every time they take the field. You know what they say about opinions? Yes, Mr Folk everybody has one. As well, Mr Folk the majority rules. It seems to me that the majority are on the Million Dollar Band Wagon and not in your cubical of poor judgment and bad taste.

    Keep up the good work MDB
    You and Your Director make
    us Proud!!


  • Chris

    @George Leroy Tirebiter You must be in the band if you don’t understand that the kneel down IS in fact a play. So my analogy was perfectly fine. Second, he’s making his opinions based on the formations he sees at halftime. Take off your MDB tinted sunglasses. You’re not as bright as you think you are kiddo.

  • pat

    I think Dave did a great job with this article. It was hilarious and I have read it many times over. Great job, buddy.

    Many times I find myself watching the halftime show wondering what in the hell is going on on the field. Sure, Tennessee does their Circle Drill or whatever every year, but at least they do it well. My little brother, who is in his high school band, once watched a game with me and strongly criticized the MDB saying “their lines are sloppy.” Ever since, I have noticed how sloppy the lines actually are.

    I know all you MDB people practice hard day in and day out, and I realize that I have neither the skill nor commitment to compare to that. But be prepared to take criticism if you perform poorly.

    Everyone would criticize the football team if they hadn’t won a game all season. Does that mean they don’t work hard? Of course not! Does it mean they need improvement? You betcha. If this article offends you, use it as motivation and impress everyone.

  • Spock

    I respect the Million Dollar Band more than most any band in the SEC and this is coming from a student at your rival school. You should support your fantastic program before you blindly jab at it!

  • Pab

    Mr. Folk, I do not know the age of those replying to your article – I didn’t read all of them but every reply I read sounds like it came from a college-aged person. I am a Jacksonville State University Marching Southerners alumnus. I marched in the 70′s. I still instruct band camps to this day. I have had friends and family march in the MDB. Clearly when an organization close to one’s heart becomes the pawn of a controversey, it strikes a universal nerve.

    Regardless of where one goes to college, the band schedule stays the same: SUMMER BAND: learning the show during the hottest time of the year; memorizing every note of the music (here it might be beneficial for you to know that every musician must play their show music off to their section leader before being allowed to take one step on the field); holding sectional rehearsals, and countless hours of individual practice for not only the show music but the stands music as well. If you’ve not noticed, please just take a quick look at the band in the stands AND on the field – NO MUSIC – everything must be memorized.

    FALL SEMESTER/QUARTER: Having learned the drill & music during band camp, the college band student now has a full schedule of classes to take… and homework/study. At the same time, the band STILL practices every school day for a certain amount of time – usually b/t 1.5-2 hours – to perfect the show.

    This is hard WORK. Yes I said work. It is working in the blistering heat of summer as well as the bitter cold of winter. One may ask why anyone would subject themselves to this routine. Three reasons come to mind:


    These amazing students choose to do this. There is nothing like hearing a crowd cheer b/c your hard work is being appreciated and enjoyed.

    If you were trying to get a rise out of your reading audience, and I’m pretty sure that was your original intent, you achieved your goal superbly. There is something that you have not realized. ANY organization that meets on a regular basis becomes a FAMILY. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds of members – one in the organization may not know but a fraction of the them, but they are a FAMILY nonetheless. You’ve upset a family, Mr. Folk. You have also let your university down – both are inexcuseable.

  • Tyler

    This article is insulting. I agree that you should be able to post whatever you want in the opinions page but that doesn’t mean you have to try and insult and disgrace whatever you don’t like or agree with. Some people like the band. Some don’t. I personally do as I did used to be a member. What really pisses everybody off is the way this article is written. It would be like walking up to somebody who in your opinion is fat and calling them a fat lard who needs to choke down a few salads. You can go say that. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Is it wrong and insulting? Yes. This article is the same way but instead of one person Folks has publicly insulted and humiliated 400 people. When somebody comes right out and says you suck, you don’t take it as constructive criticism. You take it as an insult. Next time think about how to word it before trying to burn down an organization, jerk.

  • Drew

    While I don’t know what the formation the band’s making during halftime, does it really matter? Fact is they are some of the best ambassadors this university has and I am very proud to have them preform at halftime.

  • http://none Marching Southerner

    I actually agree with this guy. I don’t agree with how he went about it, but he has a point. I looked at Alabama as a school for music education, but decided to go to JSU because of the Marching Southerners. I’ve even considered going to Auburn now because of the great marching band they have down there. I don’t think that the MDB is bad, but I do think that they have been way better than they are now. The AUMB has well surpassed the MDB in pregame and stands tunes. They have been way better at halftime for a few years now. Saying that a band sucks is wrong. But saying that the MDB isn’t as good as they used to be, that’s correct. Everyone who is raging mad on here needs to stop attacking the person who wrote this and step back to take a look at what he said (beyond the rudeness of the statements). He’s right in what he said, not how he said it. Bad article, but great point.

  • Cindy

    @Marching Southerner

    I am not trying to start an argument just stating the facts……your director must not have thought UA School of Music was that bad considering the fact that he chose it to get his doctorate. Not to mention, you are really giving UA School of Music kudos because the director of the AUMB is a graduate of the UA School of Music. Just saying. That is all.

  • Emily

    It’s fine to have differing opinions. It’s great to spark conversation and controversy. I don’t think it’s okay, though, EVER, to publicly ridicule other people or organizations. Someone else said that this is a piece that belongs on a personal blog, and I agree. As a former member of the band, I respect Mr. Folk’s opinion, but I also ask that he find a less derogatory and inflammatory way to express it. I also think the CW has a responsibility to the readers not to publish articles that target individual student organizations with such negative remarks. Whether the students work hard or not, they deserve respect as individuals and as a group (as do Mr. Folk and CW staff), and this article displayed the exact opposite of that.

  • John Philip Sousa

    What an obnoxious article and silly discussion. The author knows nothing about bands, and I am a bit surprised at the lengthy responses trying to debate his position. He’s a fool. State that and move on.

  • Ashley McCreight

    You should support all of your school’s activities. You probably don’t understand one thing about marching in a band… not one thing. Yes, halftime if usually a cluster of different, moving formations, but that is what is supposed to be.

  • Ashley McCreight

    You should support all of your school’s activities. You probably don’t understand one thing about marching in a band… not one thing. Yes, halftime if usually a cluster of different, moving formations, but that is what is supposed to be.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Spurlin also went to LSU for his graduate schooling… so he’s not just Bama formed.

  • Anonymous
    Not a Tennessee fan, but I people should know Tennessee does the coolest thing on the field of ANY college band… and that includes my beloved Marching Southerners… Disagree with it if you want… but watch away! Awesome sight to see!

  • Love123

    Actually, the UT circle drill can be copied….the MDB did it first and UT copied it the next year.