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Second UA student arrested for threats, not related to original message

Andy McWhorter

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Daniel Evan Simmons, a 19-year-old University of Alabama student, was arrested Tuesday and charged with making a terrorist threat during the early morning hours of Tuesday, Sept. 23. Simmons is not believed to be directly connected to the initial threats posted on YouTube under the name “Authur Pendragon,” according to a statement from UA News.

Simmons was arrested by the University of Alabama Police Department and placed in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $5,000 bond. Simmons was also given an interim suspension from the University.

Simmons’ arrest comes a week after Dakota John Timm, a 20-year-old UA student, was arrested for sending threatening messages on the evening of Monday, Sept. 22. Timm’s messages were also believed to be unrelated to the initial threats.

According to the police report, Simmons told investigators that he had created a text under an unknown name and posted it to his fraternity’s group message under the name Ray Rice/Sid the Sloth.

According to the report, the message Simmons sent said, “This is Aurthur Pendragon do not resist. You Have been selected as one of the few to survive the day of retribution. First you must complete this one mission. Your one mission to be initiated into our society is to stay up all night, and find me one fraternity and sorority member and send them to 1857 17th Ave at approximately 17:00. Your life will be spared if this is done correctly. I cannot promise the safety of theirs tho.”

The message was sent to other sorority group messages and caused members to leave campus, according to the police report. 

UAPD is still investigating the original post, according to UA News.

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Second UA student arrested for threats, not related to original message