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'The Whistles and The Bells' blends several genres

Amy Marino

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The Whistles and The Bells is the glorious musical redirection result of Bryan Simpson, former member of bluegrass band Cadillac Sky.

When trying to describe the sound of The Whistles and The Bells, at a loss, fans often blend artists to try to get an accurate comparison. After reading countless YouTube comments and album reviews, if Jack White, alt-J, Modest Mouse and Mars Volta had a baby, it would be named The Whistles and The Bells.

Although the vocals and musicianship remind listeners of such artists, TWTB remains original, which is most evident in the biographical lyrics from his self-titled debut album. Recorded in a mere two days, “The Whistles and The Bells” serves as an autobiography and profession of faith.

Released in March, the album has been extremely well-received thus far. The single “Mercy Please” continues to be a fan favorite. The song is gripping, with 
 unforeseeable twists and turns for listeners.

Despite his success, Simpson says his continued hope is for his music to start conversations about life and existence that wouldn’t have necessarily started before.

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'The Whistles and The Bells' blends several genres