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Students to vote for SGA positions on the Homecoming ballot

Peyton Shepard, Will Jones

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In addition to allowing students to vote for their Homecoming queen candidate of choice, the Homecoming ballot will accommodate votes for two vacant SGA Senate positions and a proposal for a constitutional convention.

SGA Speaker of the Senate Lance McCaskey said in a statement the SGA would be accepting applications for a vacant Senate seat in the School of Social Work as well as the Graduate School. Applications are open until Friday, and campaigning will 
begin Monday.

The Social Work seat became vacant when Senator Waverly Jones voluntarily stepped down. The Graduate School seat has remained unfilled since the official election in March.

Students will also cast their vote to approve a proposal for a constitutional convention.

SGA President Lillian Roth, who proposed the resolution calling for the rewriting of the SGA Constitution, said in a statement that the resolution will be on the SGA’s website for two weeks before the Homecoming elections. The resolution must pass with a 9/13 majority of the student vote in order to allow the constitutional convention to occur.

The Senate passed the resolution last week, and after the confirmation of the new First Year Council, FYC then passed the resolution on Tuesday. Both votes required 9/13 majority.

“The next and most important step in our call for a constitutional convention is a vote by the student body,” Roth said in a statement. “I am excited to bring this conversation about a constitutional convention out of the confines of SGA itself and talk directly with my fellow students about this important vote.”

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Students to vote for SGA positions on the Homecoming ballot