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Paintball returns to Capstone

Miranda Murphy

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The newly reinvented paintball club is looking forward to its one and only tournament this season at the National Collegiate Paintball Association National Championships.

Club President Cory Smith said he re-founded the club last semester because he wanted to get people interested in the sport again. The new club marks the first time that paintball has been a club since 2008.

“[Cory] loves the sport and wanted Alabama to have that much more diversity,” said junior Will Dobbs. “We are a very athletically driven college, and we are a very athletic sport so it fits.”

The team has surpassed the minimum requirement of five players needed to compete, with seven players committed to the national championships. All of the players plan to return to the sport next year.

“I’ve made some of the greatest friends through this sport that I’ve ever had,” Vice President Cameron Pletcher said. “It’s just incredibly competitive. Anyone can pick up a marker, go out and win a tournament. It’s what you want to put into it.”

The team started to practice this past Sunday. Team members said one of the main problems was getting the word out about the club. They had a hard time finding players that are dedicated enough to the club. While they are looking for members to have fun, they are also looking for them to take it seriously.

“We tried to form everything and get it going in October, but it’s been a slow process,” Dobbs said. “We’re not looking to compete that much this season. It will be next year before we really kick in.”

The club is part of the NCPA, and it will compete against Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss and Tennessee.

Dobbs said he is looking forward to playing against Florida because it will be tough competition.

The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their flagstaff to get points. There are 16-minute halves. If a player is hit with a paintball, they are automatically eliminated. The winner of the game is the team with the most points at the end of the 32 minutes.

“It’s kind of like capture the flag and tag rolled into one game,” Pletcher said.

The players want students to know that paintball is a lot of fun to watch and play. Dobbs said his overall enjoyment of the sport is what motivates him to go out and compete.

“Just the thrill of being in a five-man tournament and being the last guy left, and outwitting everyone left on the field is like sheer luck and adrenaline combined,” Dobbs said.

The team said they hope the club will stay around for 20 years or more this time.

Players encourage interested students to come out to Splatzone Paintball in Cottondale and see them practice, or to contact Cameron Pletcher at


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Paintball returns to Capstone