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Incoming freshman plans tornado benefit concert

Hannah Muncher

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As the months go by, our community still remembers the April 27 tornado like it happened yesterday. We see constant reminders as we drive down 15th Street, passing clean up crews and debris that has yet to be picked up.

As Tuscaloosa continues to deal with the devastation felt that day in April, communities from around the nation are still praying for a speedy recovery and raising money to help in any way they can.

Well-known celebrities such as Rihanna and Kenny Chesney have hosted benefit concerts to raise money for our city in its time of need. However, it doesn’t take a huge star to host a concert and raise as much money as possible for Tuscaloosa.

Mackenzie Perpich, an incoming freshman majoring in musical theatre, is planning a concert of her own. Her benefit concert, “Think T-Town,” will be held on Aug. 8 in Atlanta. Tickets will be $15 and sold at the door.

Though Perpich is a Georgia native, Tuscaloosa is still very dear to her heart because she will be wearing crimson and white for the next 4 years, making her passion for Tuscaloosa just a strong as anyone’s in our community.

Perpich’s reason for coming up with a way to raise money for the tornado victims came from Raphael Crystal, who heads the musical theatre department at the University.

She received an email that was sent to the musical theatre majors, which gave them a run-down on the devastation that took place in Tuscaloosa, and continued to say that any way you can help would be greatly appreciated.

Perpich said she knew she definitely wanted to get involved with the restoring of Tuscaloosa. She talked to her parents as a way to help her decide what she could do and then it dawned on them.

“That since I am going to be a musical theatre major and love to perform, I should put my talents to good use and host a benefit concert,” Perpich said.

Luckily for Perpich, in her freshman musical theatre class there are six or seven people that are also from the Atlanta area who were willing to get on board and help her host a fun and energetic benefit concert.

Not only is Perpich having the help of some of her fellow classmates, she has also recruited former Broadway performer Clacie M. Juday, who she has worked with in years past, to preform at the benefit concert. Juday has preformed on Broadway plays such as “Annie Get Your Gun,” “Cats,” and “Showboat.”

The concert will consist of a variety of music and dance acts, as well as the Christian rock group RBK. Each act will play about eight or nine songs, she said.

As another means of raising money on top of whatever ticket sales bring in, Perpich is planning a silent auction that will be held during intermission. The benefit will be held at Perimeter Church and anyone who is going to be in Georgia on Aug. 8 should check it out.

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Incoming freshman plans tornado benefit concert