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Who cares about the Student Government Association, anyway?

Mikee Mosley

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It seems to be a daily occurrence: me either hearing or reading about SGA. SGA did this, SGA didn’t do that.

Now, I don’t know all the ends and outs of SGA, but let me just ask a quick question: who cares?

Seriously. SGA stands for Student Government Association, yet some people are treating it like it’s the federal government. So an SGA president resigned for the first time in 60 years, so what?

So they won’t release information related to his resignation. So what?

I could literally not care less about it. Why are we spending so much time worrying about stupid, useless information when we would be much better off putting our attention into things that matter, like, I don’t know, bettering our university?

We go to an amazing institute of higher learning which could be made to be so much more with our help, yet we worry about something called “the Machine.” What the hell is the “the Machine” anyway?

Is Albert Pujols parading around campus forcing students to support some candidate running for another useless position? Are Panhellenic organizations hiring the Terminator to get one of their “brothers” or “sisters” elected? Do those in fraternities refer to those sororities as “cousins?”

I don’t know, nor do I care to know, the answers to these questions. I, personally, am not going to waste my time and thoughts on any more of this SGA nonsense. Let’s stop wasting our time and focus on what matters: making the University of Alabama the best university in the world. Roll Tide.


Mikee Mosley is a sophomore majoring in secondary education.


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Who cares about the Student Government Association, anyway?