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‘A sweet, soft, Southern thrill’: Bryant-Denny to return at full capacity
UA junior named editor-in-chief of The CW for 2021-22 year
Preview | One team stands in the way of Alabama gymnastics’ 10th SEC title
The boy band Seventeen was among the list of acts that disappeared from Spotify. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / 티비텐 (TenAsia)
Fans Frustrated: These K-pop acts were removed from Spotify
Joshua LeBerte, Contributing Writer • March 3, 2021
It's hard to find much music that isn't streaming nowadays. But for Spotify users, several songs just got added to the list. After a spat with the streaming. giant, one South Korean entertainment company pulled all of its artists from the platform, stunning K-pop fans.
Some celebrities, such as Dua Lipa, have received criticism not practicing what they preach.
How the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a reckoning within celebrity culture
Annabelle Blomeley, Staff Reporter • March 3, 2021
In what many are touting as the end of celebrity culture as we know it, coronavirus has turned the public against the influencers and celebrities we once loved. From publicity stunts to hosting huge parties, celebrities may be doing more harm than good during the pandemic.
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