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College Democrats provide forum for campus liberals

Letter to the Editor

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Every Monday night at 7 p.m., a group of unique, intelligent and patriotic students meet at Room 226 in Lloyd Hall. That group is the University of Alabama College Democrats, which discusses, not only politics, but also many issues that face our society such as the economy, healthcare, immigration reform and human equality. Our organization’s officers try to incorporate as many voices of the group as they can when discussing a certain issue because we believe everyone has a voice; not only in our group, but also in our society.

We are comprised mostly of liberal Democrats, but also have conservative Democrats as well as moderates. I personally am a liberal Democrat. It is somewhat difficult being a Democrat in such a conservative state. But if this group has allowed me to do one thing, it has allowed me to express my Democratic views openly without the fear of being ostracized or judged for what I believe.

We have a serious engagement about politics at our usual Monday night meetings as well as at least two weekly social events. Those social events include informal dinner discussions, attending Crimson Tide athletic events and having watch parties for televised political events such as The State of the Union Address. The social events allow the members of our group to develop a strong bond with each other and develop friendships to help our group progress.

I truly believe that groups like UA College Democrats can change society among today’s youth; not just with increasing voter turnout, but also to encourage today’s youth to be active in politics. It may seem crazy when I think a group like ours can change the world, but Steve Jobs once said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

I truly believe what Steve said, and I believe that we can help make a difference, not just in Alabama or even in Washington, D.C., but all across the United States of America.

Connor Blackwell is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. 

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College Democrats provide forum for campus liberals