Brown: make SGA work for students

Letter to the Editor

Many students don’t care about SGA. I don’t blame them. Few people are able to see the potential for good in a system that has failed in numerous ways to reach out to them over the years.

Year after year, SGA officials make judgment calls on what they think is best. In the past year, the frustration of the student body has grown even greater as the SGA has seemed to fall even more out of touch with the students it is supposed to represent.

The University does not fund the SGA so it can serve the interests of a few. My goal is to listen to the student body and to hear from all areas of campus.

I have worked for a better UA in many areas of campus. I served as an Avanti, volunteered with Creative Campus, competed on Alabama’s debate team, empowered student organizations this year with the SOURCE and participated in many student organizations, including SGA.

I have not endeavored to create a more powerful SGA, but rather, I have attempted to utilize the many mediums on this campus to build a stronger community. SGA has amazing potential to represent the student body, and to work with students from all across campus. After gathering information from many students, I formed some initial plans for the SGA to implement that you can read about on my Web site,

More importantly, I want to hear what you want from your SGA. Let’s work to build a stronger, better UA. There is a form on my Web site called Your Voice. Please pull it up and send me your thoughts and questions.

Together, we can build a united campus that is continuously made stronger through the collaborative effort of every student. We are all a part of the University, and I want to ensure that your money is not wasted. Tomorrow, please log on to MyBama and cast your vote for me. Together we can do this.

Matthew Brown is a junior majoring in political science and communication. He is a candidate for SGA president.