Candidate calls for new leadership in SGA

Letter to the Editor

During the three years I have attended the University of Alabama, I, like many other individuals, have felt an incredible frustration at the unresponsive, insular nature of the Student Government Association. For far too long, instead of serving the needs of the student body, it has served as a conduit for the interests of those who have been elected to positions of power. This is completely unacceptable, and this is why I am running a write-in campaign for vice president for Academic Affairs.

The SGA Office of Academic Affairs has enormous potential, as can be seen through programs such as Fall/Spring 2, textbook rentals and tutoring programs. However, without visionary, innovative leadership, I fear that all of the potential to do good for students will go to waste. We need to elect leaders who can think outside of traditional conventions, with a strong history of doing just this, not merely saying it.

Out of all of the candidates running for this office, my record stands out for my service outside of SGA. Throughout my time here at the University, I have been active in numerous student organizations, such as the Blackburn Institute, College Republicans and Collegiate Legislature, taking on leadership roles in many of these. In addition, I have an understanding of the various aspects of academia at UA that is rivaled by few. Finally, I am the only candidate with a leadership style dedicated to bringing people together, rather than focusing on the meaningless divides that have plagued us for so long.

In the end, we are more similar than we are different, whether you may be greek or independent, black or white, conservative or liberal, or anything else. My vision is a campus united, and for that reason, I ask that you write in my name on March 6. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to tweet them to me, either to @adamjrawlins or #AskAdamUA. I will be more than happy to answer them.


Adam Rawlins is running as a write-in candidate for the position of vice president for Academic Affairs.