Campus Culture; It’s Good Stuff

Letter to the Editor

Last week, the Ferguson Center hosted an all-day series of student presentations about culture-related research. The event, which was titled “Discerning Diverse Voices: Communication and Information Symposium on Diversity,” was sponsored by the College of Communication and Information Sciences. There was a vast assortment of poster presentations on subjects ranging from library programs for mentally challenged youths all the way to plans for furthering multicultural initiatives.

It was fascinating.

One presentation that made quite an impact was that of a graduate student who decided to compare how lyrics and songs can take on severely different meanings and messages when performed by artist of different backgrounds and cultures. She used the song “Whatever You Like,” originally performed by rapper T.I., and compared it to another version performed by pop singer Anya Marina. The data presented showed students responded to them very differently. The entire event was engaging and very enlightening.

We are lucky to be on a campus that has such a diverse group of students and faculty members, however not all of us take advantage of our rich campus culture. Here and now is the best time to explore different backgrounds, traditions, and ways of life. So, the next time an event even remotely cultural related is brought to your attention, check it out. Who knows, you might end up with a degree, some common sense and even a little social education. And if you don’t know how to find such an event or if you just want to get into something that encourages multicultural involvement, come by the Crossroads Community Office in the Ferguson Center.

However you can, get some campus culture. It really is good stuff.

Whitney Jones is a senior majoring in psychology.