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Alleged gunman apprehended off campus

Ashley Chaffin

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At 11:29 a.m., The University of Alabama announced there was an armed individual at the Phi Delta Theta house through the University Emergency System.

UA Spokeswoman Cathy Andreen said UAPD responded immediately to these reports, but didn’t have any further information until they gave the all clear, which was announced at noon through the emergency system.

“TPD has the suspect in custody off campus,” the email read. “No one was injured on campus and no students were involved. Please resume normal activities.”

Two members of the Phi Delta Theta house said the shooter was the disgruntled husband of the main cook in the house.

“She’s the main cook and he comes to help her sometimes,” said Brett Machen, who was in the house at the time of the incident. “They were supposedly getting a divorce. They’ve had some problems and he got laid off two weeks ago.”

Blaine Salem, another Phi Delta Theta, said what Machen told the media about the couple was true, and that the wife of the alleged shooter had threatened to call the police after altercations with him before.

“They were getting divorced, they argued all the time,” Salem said, “They were in there yelling at each other everyday.”

Machen said he thought one or two shots were fired, but didn’t hear them upstairs. Even so, he said he felt safe because of the quick response of police forces.

“I walked down and as soon as I got out of the elevator there were like 10 cops pointing guns and they told me to go outside,” Machen said. “I felt pretty secure with all the cops here.”

A third member of the fraternity stopped Machen’s interview, saying an email had come from their national chapter instructing them not to talk to the media.

Andreen could not confirm or deny if any buildings on campus went on lockdown during the time between the initial announcement and the all-clear.

The Crimson White will update the story with more information as it comes in.

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Alleged gunman apprehended off campus