SGA officials outline goals for next year at first meeting

Mark Hammontree

The newly elected and appointed executive officers of the Student Government Association held their first executive meeting Monday night in their conference room in the Ferguson Center.

The meeting began with new SGA President Jimmy Taylor bringing the meeting to order and giving the officers a basic idea of how future executive meetings will progress. Then the new group of officers introduced themselves to the others, each giving a short statement of their vision and goals for the coming year.

Following the meet-and-greet, Brennan Johnson, Taylor’s chief of staff, was officially sworn into office by new Chief Justice Ben Sleight.

After that, the officers “got down to business,” as Taylor put it. Each informed the others of current and future projects, goals and propositions ranging from plans for next year’s RAGE concert to possible scholarship programs.

Sleight said the meeting was basically what he was expecting and its well-organized structure made for an efficient dissemination of information.

“It appeared to be a good place to have open dialogue over ideas, both amongst the vice presidents and their divisions as well as the different branches of government,” Sleight said. “I’m looking forward to working with everyone in the room.”

Madalyn Vaughn, senior advisor to the president and an SGA veteran of two years, said the meeting, which lasted roughly 20 minutes, went well and got the new officers prepared for the upcoming year. Vaughn also said meetings will get longer in the future as the officers have more information to give out.

“Jimmy is a veteran as well; he was here with us last year, so the meetings are pretty routine in the way we go around the table and give our updates in order,” Vaughn said. “This group is a very exciting group, a lot of them are new faces, which is always good for SGA because it brings new ideas to the table. It seems like everyone is really excited and ready to work.”