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Frisbee on the Quad to encourage student inclusion

Ashley Tripp

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One Team. One Bama. will host its first annual Frisbee on the Quad for Capstone Creed Week Thursday from noon to 4 p.m. The event is open for anyone to join the fun.

Mary Alice Porter, coordinator for First Year Experience and Parent Programs, said she hopes this event will help students live out the Creed in a fun and engaging way and come together through a simple game of Frisbee.

“We often get so wrapped up in our own world that we forget to importance of treating others with respect and inviting others to join our ‘circle,’” Porter said. “The idea behind this event is to be all-inclusive and truly illustrate what it means to be on one team.”

Members will wear their “Hey Y’all” T-shirts for students to easily locate the event. “Essentially, One Team. One Bama. encourages members of the UA community to treat one another with kindness and respect,” Porter said. “By emphasizing community and the Capstone Creed, the initiative is meant to break down barriers, promote civil behavior and instill a sense of pride in UA.”

As students decide to join in the fun, One Team. One Bama. will interact with the students and inform them of the organization’s goals, and how it is trying to build a stronger UA community.

“I have received a lot of great feedback from students so far,” Porter said. “I think they are looking forward to the chance to live by the Creed in an enjoyable manner.”

Frisbee on the Quad was suggested by a group of student leaders in the First Year Experience program, Ignite UA.

“This particular group of students has been instrumental in spreading the message of One Team. One Bama.,” Porter said. “They suggested Frisbee on the Quad as they thought it would be a great way to show the UA campus community the importance of treating others with fairness, honesty and respect.”

Kailee Dextradeur, a freshman student leader for Ignite UA, said when she first pitched the idea to Porter, she thought it would be a fun way to get the students involved and interact with one another on a less serious level.

“I’m really hoping it will just bring everyone together for a while and make people realize you can have fun with a complete stranger and it never hurts to get to know more people,” Dextradeur said. “In the end, we are one campus and all have something to offer to one another which ties in with our name, One Team. One Bama. … It’s a great way to utilize the ‘heart’ of campus because everyone walks through there and if it’s a nice day, it’s always crowded.”

Genevieve Miller, a freshman majoring in biology, said she was always too shy to ask the people who play Frisbee regularly on the quad if she could join them.

“We want to overcome that barrier and promote community spirit, and I think playing Frisbee with people you would never meet otherwise is the perfect way to do that,” Miller said.

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Frisbee on the Quad to encourage student inclusion