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Gov. Bentley criticizes UA greek segregation

Mazie Bryant

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Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley spoke out against sorority segregation on The University of Alabama campus in response to The Crimson White’s article The Final Barrier in an interview with Birmingham’s Fox 6 WBRC-TV on Thursday.

In the article, members of several UA Panhellenic sorority chapters spoke with The Crimson White detailing alumnae interference in sorority rush with discriminatory intentions. At least two black potential new members in this year’s recruitment process were not accepted by any of the 16 Panhellenic sororities.

“The students are all for that. They are for selecting the best person, and I am too,” Bentley said. “I think it’s absurd that you don’t select the best person and that you would ever discriminate against anyone because of the color of their skin. So I feel the way the students do, and I believe that they should chose people on their qualities.

“The way I read it—and I asked my wife about it last night—not students, it’s the alumni. The alumni support the fraternities and sororities — not the students — and she says that’s where it’s coming from. Personally, I think they need to change their attitude.”

Bentley also urged the University to take action against racially discriminatory actions on campus.

“These are private organizations and the University only allows them to lease space on the campus,” he said. “I think the University could put pressure on it, yes. I can speak out against it, and I just believe you choose someone on their character, on their qualities and not on the color of their skin”

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Gov. Bentley criticizes UA greek segregation