Students turn from TiVo to Philo for entertainment needs

Margaret Wilbourne

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“We do expect it to be a popular option for students with these added features and flexibility, as well as no cost,” said Janine Gascoigne, the marketing 
coordinator for housing.

In the first week after the program’s launch at the University, more than 1,000 students logged into Philo, which offers 20 hours of recording capability. Different from Netflix, Philo allows live television to be recorded and viewed later, with available shows including “Suits,” “House” and college football.

Philo, which is sponsored by the University’s cable provider Campus Televideo, chose several pilot schools like the University to test the program.

Eugene Berry, a senior majoring in pediatric studies, is a student intern working with CTV to promote Philo.

“We’re such a big school in the South, so we were chosen to pilot Philo along with eight to 10 other universities like Harvard and the University of Washington,” Berry said. “I think it’s awesome because students who don’t have a lot of time to sit down and watch a show [at a certain time] can record them and stay updated.”

Ellen Johnson, a freshman majoring in journalism, just started using the program, but said it will be a resource she uses frequently from now on because of its convenience.

“I’ve used it twice so far since I set up my account about two weeks ago, but I’ll probably use it a lot during the semester. It’s really cool because you just record whatever you want and can watch it whenever you want.”

Johnson said the program was something she felt was a unique asset to campus.

“My roommates and I were talking, and we were like, I bet it’s something they don’t have at Auburn, Roll Tide to this.”

For students who have yet to register their Philo accounts, this can be done at with their myBama credentials. The site is only accessible while connected to the University’s server.